Denaby Utd – Barnsley Reserves 3  Denaby 1 – Denaby’s Fall at Oakwell

18 December 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 18 December 1911

Denaby’s Fall at Oakwell

Barnsley Reserves 3  Denaby United  1

Denaby did not deserve be beaten so badly as the score—3 – 1—represents, in fact, a point each would not have been out of proportion to the respective merits the teams.

It was Barnsley’s staying power which really gave them the victory, for it was not until the last five minutes of the game that they secured the lead. Denaby found the home lot too strong in the final tussle, and the very bad light which then prevailed could be urged as some excuse for Shepherd, the goalkeeper, who previously had displayed more than average ability.

The visitors shone most in the early part of the game, when their right wing especially did splendid work. Cockerill scored their only goal with hard-worked-for shot, but it should not have been beyond the powers of Winstanley, the Barnsley keeper.

Jebb and Hall were the best of the Barnsley defence, while Travers (who scored twice in the last five minutes) was all through the outstanding forward. Orr netted in the first half. This

Mexborough Making Headway.

Mexborough 1  Chesterfield  0 

Tins match at Mexborough was worthy far better attendance than was seen, for Chesterfield, the visitors, played clever football, and were somewhat unfortunate in not sharing the spoils.

Yet Mexborough deserve every credit for hard-earned victory, and though only one goal (Wathey) was forthcoming, the exchanges were always permeated with incident. While Chesterfield were obviously not the force which made them effective few seasons ago, their footwork was by means lacking in cleverness. Their attacks were better conceived than were Mexborough’s, and it is to the credit of the home defence that the Derbyshire men had go empty away.

Summers, Streetle , Morris, Ryalls and Revill were always the fore in good work for Chesterfield. and on the home side Rounds, Murray, Davidson, Wathey took the eye.