Denaby Utd – Barton Town 1 Denaby 3 – United Herald Promotion with Win.

August 1967

South Yorkshire Times, August 26, 1967

Denaby United Herald Promotion with Win.

Barton Town 1 Denaby United 3

Denaby United set out to prove themselves worthy of Yorkshire League First Division football on Saturday with a team which included five newcomers, when they travelled to well rated Barton town’s immaculate ground.

Denaby looked fit and confident, but both teams took time to settle down and play swung from end to end until Caunt had the misfortune to get in the way of a Farrow cross and the ball shot into his own net.

Barton tried hard to press home the advantage and Gordon Smith was forced into some good saves.

Except for Ward and the very able Smith, the Denaby defence looked a little shaky, but the forwards began to coordinate well. Barton tended to pack their defence and clever work by newcomers B. Parker and John Colley forced corners, but Denaby’s shooting lacked power and accuracy until the second half when left winger Freddie Jones cracked in a beauty.

Now Denaby really began to click and their forwards menaced the Barton defence, who lost their early confidence.

Cooper put B.Parker on to a good ball and Denaby went one ahead. Barton tried hard to get back with some hard work, but the debut team’s defensive ranks were strong now, and Gordon Smith seemed unbeatable in goal.

Can’t and Wood were powerful and Barton began to despair. With only a few minutes ago Smith was badly found by an anxious forward in the incident and all the makings of a nasty flareup as players dashed in.

Referee Mr Harrison, Goole, whose handling of the game was otherwise less than perfect, intervened firmly and the irate Denaby had the rest of the game.

Left back Caunt redeemed himself for his mistake of the early stages by smashing a beautiful goal, and the Denaby supporters had every reason for rejoicing.

New Men Impress

The new men fitted in well and Denaby this season could be a smooth machine.

Manager Harry Lee told me that he has great hope of 17 years old former Old Mexbronian Ronnie McIntyre, of Hope Street Mexborough, who was reserve for this match.

Denaby: Gordon Smith; Wiggles, Caunt; Wood, Parker C., Ainscough; Cooper A, Launders, Parker B, Colin J, Jones