Denaby Utd – Castleford 3 Denaby 0 – Smart Win for Castleford

December 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 25, 1925

Denaby Lapse.
Smart Win for Castleford.

Castleford Town 3, Denaby United 0

Considering the heavy state of the ground at Castleford play was fast. Denaby began in determined fashion and looked like giving the Town a good run, being called out quickly, but they failed to keep it up and Castleford were in the end well worthy of their decisive victory.

After the first 10 minutes the town practically monopolised the play. And had it not been for their cleverness of Bromwich Denaby would have had a big score against them. Pearson and Allen were the outstanding forwards, but they were unable to make much headway against the Castleford defence. Howson and Ogley were sterling defenders, and Guest at centre half making short work of the development of any attack.

The two Castleford amateurs, Burns and Foster, were responsible for their goals. Though Allen, the inside left, had a good share in the scoring of the first point by bringing Bromwich to his knees to save a great drive. He was not able to get the ball clear away and Burns dashed in to score.

Forster had struck the crossbar before this success came. Then Greenwood sent across the goalmouth, and Forster turned the ball back and into the net. This weed was easily retained to the interval.

Play resumed immediately owing to the gathering darkness, and within five minutes Burns was again successfully with a capital individual effort though worried by the Denaby hacks in the last 20 yards of his room.

Castleford owed their victory to being quicker on the ball and to their better combination. Teams: –

Castleford town: Frost, Howson, Ogley; Wainwright, Guest, Greenwood; Thompson, Forster, Burns, Allen, Rigby.

Denaby United: Bromage; Wheelhouse, Bisby; Croot, Windle. D. Brown; Pearson, F Brown, Taylor; Allen, Skeels.

Referee: G. Trowel, Doncaster.