Denaby Utd – Denaby 0, Barnsley Res. 3

25 October 1937

Sheffield Independent – Monday 25 October 1937

Denaby United 0, Barnsley Res. 3

Barnsley won almost as they liked Denaby, and the surprising feature was that the score was not much greater.

Quite a few chances were missed by Fisher and Larkin between them when they were within a few yards range of goal. Brooks had it lot do with the misses for on each occasion he ran out to put them of their shops and generally the goalkeeper did fine work throughout the’ second half.

Barnsley s constructive work’ was effective, and the Denaby halves could not hold the forward. Bray scored two of the goals, and Gallagher the other, all from fine shots, and Gallagher was always doing something useful.

On the other hand little was seen of the Denaby attack, and the influence of Fleetwood; (unfit) was sadly missed. Only Massarella.’ on the right wing, was able to make any headway. and he had little support to be dangerous. Once Gregory hit the crossbar, during the one warm spell of attacking which, the forwards provided, but for the rest Nicholson held up ail progress towards the Barnsley goal.

Denaby’s left wing was weak, which meant that lot of useful work my Shenton, their best half-back, was wasted.