Denaby Utd – Denaby 0, Boston Town 0 – The Mud Wins.

20 January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 20, 1928

The Mud Wins.
Not a Goal at Denaby.

Denaby United  0, Boston Town 0

Denaby: Birch; Taylor, Hunter; Clegg, Barker, Windle; Wroe, Johnson, Brayshaw, ingledew, “Newman.”

Boston : Wil son ; Woodacre, Reed ; Craven, Chambers, Richardson; W. Jenkinson, C. Richardson, J. Jenkinson, S.- Jenkinson, Mears.

The teams struggled in vain against the conditions at Tickhill Square on Saturday and perhaps it was the fairest result on such a day. Yet Denaby had the chances to make it two points instead of one. The great chance of the day was the penalty kick entrusted to Wroe fairly early in the game, when Craven handled. But he failed lamentably.

Apart from that Denaby were a ‘good deal more often the attacking side than were Boston. But they were up against their old friend, Wilson, who again put in a good afternoon’s work.

The play literally “beggars description.” It was a mere depressing strife with the elements. Rain pelted down from above, and water oozed up front below. The mu a d won all the way. Walter Brayshaw never got a chance to settle down, Ingledew was about the liveliest member of the Denaby attack’. His anonymous partner—who comes, I understand, from somewhere in Nottingham-shire—showed some promise, but it was impossible to form a reliable judgment on such a day.

Jack Barker was as happy as anyone in the mud and he was quite at successful deputy for Ogley. The defence was the best part of the team, though.

Boston, similarly, were a good deal surer in defence than in attack. They have lost many of their old stalwarts, apparently; the team on Saturday was mainly composed of young players. They put in some work that showed what they might do on a surface that was more business-like and less affectionate. Everyone was very glad when the whistle brought relief from a job that the most hardened footballer could scarcely have enjoyed. The men did their best—but the weather did its worst, and won.