Denaby Utd –  Denaby 0  Doncaster Rovers 2 – Montagu Cup Semi-Final

15 February 1901

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 15 February 1901

Montagu Charity Cup Semi-Final

 Denaby United 0  Doncaster Rovers 2

The match, which decided on the Town ground, Mexborough, on Saturday, aroused much local interest.

Both teams were well represented, Doncaster playing the Midland team. The game was rather rough, and Lawley (Denaby) had to be off the field for foul play. The spectators encroached on the ground and had to he ordered off three times.

The Rovers showed superior strength throughout the game. Denaby played well, but could not break down the Rovers’ defence.

Doncaster won the toss selected to play down the hill. Denaby began to press and succeeded in forcing a corner, which proved fruitless. Doncaster then worked their way into their opponents quarters. Front a foul Denaby let the Rovers in, two fruitless corner being the only result. Then the Denaby left wing worked up the field. From a centre by T. Hardy, Roper headed the bell into the Doncaster gold, but Eggett just managed to punch over the crossbar. Sheldrake shot outside from the corner. Denaby pressed but Birch played.

Doncaster Rovers up the field, and Vale, with low shot which went between G. Hardy’s legs, scored the first goal for Doncaster. From a foul Doncaster pressed, but were easily repulsed. The Rovers press, and Vale added another goal to the score.

From a foul Denaby were let in, but nothing happened. The Rovers led at half time by 2-0.

When the play was resumed Denaby worked with a will to equalise, but they proved unsuccessful. Robinson dribbled down the field, but was stopped by Simpson. The Rovers again pressed, but Vale again shot outside. Up to time, though there tried hard to score and kept up the pressure, the score remained unaltered.