Denaby Utd – Denaby 0, – Doncaster Rovers Res. 0 – “A Grand Game”

25 August 1951

South Yorkshire Times, August 25th, 1951

Denaby Wipe Out Memories Of Saturday’s Five-Nil Defeat

“A Grand Game” says Peter Doherty after Drawn Doncaster Match

Denaby Utd 0, – Doncaster Rovers Res. 0

Forget the Grimsby 5-goal slump on Saturday and concentrate on Monday’s full-blooded game with Peter Doherty’s boys. Make no mistake, it was a tough, bruising battle, and 22 sweat-soaked players gave everything they had for the full 90 minutes.  This was no kick-and-rush game but a match based on spicy football and split-second scheming.

Through the merrily clicking turnstiles came 2,410 spectators, worried by the thought of a suspect Denaby defence which yawned wide before the goal hungry Grimsby forwards two days before. But in the end, it was the same defence which earned the honours in keeping at bay a grand line of Doncaster forwards.   No-one played better than Jack Williams confronted by the formidable combination of Joe Dubois and Jim Docherty. William tackled tenaciously, kicked cleanly and recovered with commendable speed when beaten.

Alf Lee served up some great stuff, too, and on the right Harston won his spurs with his fine positional play and careful use of the ball.  Doncaster had the edge at wing-half and there was nothing to touch the great-hearted play of dark-skinned Charlie Williams – a rangy 90-minute player who seldom comes out of the tackle without the ball.

The forward play was so finely balanced that, although the game produced not a solitary goal, there was not a moments boredom. Doncaster favour the long, swinging pass, whereas Denaby follow their customary close passing style.

Match moments:

Shot of the match? Roy Cooling’s goal front switch with Mervyn Law and shot on the turn which showered whitewash from the crossbar.

Miss of the Match? Surely Joe Dubois’ shot which went wide from two yards after a clear run through from Adey’s pass.

Move of the Match? A 70th minute crossfield pass from Law and a quick return inside by fellow wing-man Wheatley who had the Doncaster defence looking for extra men to fill the gaps.

And the last word from Peter Doherty player-manager, over from Doncaster with several first-team players – “A grand game.”