Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Gainsborough Trinity 2 – Toneless – Gainsborough take the points

February 1936

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 7, 1936

Gainsborough take the points at the Denaby
Problem goal

Denaby United 0 Gainsborough Trinity 2

It was a tantalising afternoon at Tickhill square on Saturday. In the first place it was a toneless game, and coupled with that came a trio of unhappy incidents in the second half. There, briefly, is the story of this match. The rest give and take, push and pull football will little more sparkle about it, still less of the zip we have been accustomed to see Denaby this season.

One consolation was a fine performance of Westlake, playing back for the first time since the transfer of Gordon Clark. Leek and Clark have played with admirable consistency throughout the whole of the season and Saturdays performance would do much to dispel any doubts that now Clark has gone, a probably weak link had sprung into mind. Once he gets properly settled down there need be no fears in that department. He had a great day, and it was unfortunate that his one and only real slip of the afternoon should let Hall through to score Gainsborough’s second goal. Actually, the damage was already done, by Kirk, a few minutes earlier so the goal did not make much difference

Problem Goal

The opening goal, scored just after the resumption, is number one of my unhappy trio. It all happened very quickly, after a toneless first half, Gainsborough seemed to open out more strongly in the second half, and probably some 10 minutes had gone when Kirk beat Guest to the ball, rounded Walker and despite hurrying waving by the linesman, ran through to put the ball into the back of the Denaby net.

Almost everyone but the referee seemed to have seen the flag and he was instantly besieged by a host of Denaby forwards, appealing for offside. But the referee pointed to the centre. Then, before the whistle went for the restart, he ran to the touchline to consult the linesman. Once again he pointed to the centre. The goal was allowed

.Denaby came back again with commendable enthusiasm. One or two incidents crept into the game, and although from the press box it seemed a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other. Sykes name was taken by the referee. That was incident number two. The third was Westlake’s slip which let Hall through and that second goal put paid to the account. Actually, Westlake was deceived by the pace of the ball. It overran him, and before he had time to retract he was through.

Stiffer Position

A considerable portion of Saturday’s Mead go to the two goalkeepers Milnes and Earnshaw. Both gave very fine performances; Earnshaw one of the best at Denaby this season. Sykes was always energetic and enthusiastic, and his long clearances often sent the Denaby forwards away to good advantage. Goodacre and Bowram, the Gainsborough backs, were the stumbling blocks. The halves were negotiated with comparative ease, more times than not, but the backs presented a stiffer proposition. They took a considerable share of Saturday’s work and got through it with credit.

Indeed, had it not been for the harassing Goodacre in the early phases of the game, Berks might have given Denaby an early lead. As it was, Goodacre got him all hot and bothered and although he pushed the out to Fearnley, Bowram was there before the chance could be made much use of. The Gainsborough forwards were always shot well when within range, and there were occasions when, but for Shaw’s good work goals might have resulted from their efforts. Walker, too played a good game and there was little to choose between any of the forward line. The Kirk’s-Mills-Hall combination accounted for a lot of Saturdays push, but when Beadman was called on, on the other wing, he usually rose well to the occasion.

But it was with a disappointing afternoon. The balance turned, perhaps in the right favour and the first goal did the trick. But actually on the general run there was very little to choose.