Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Lincoln City Res 0 – Honours Easy.

January 1925


Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 17th 1925

Honours Easy.

Denaby Share the Points With Lincoln.

A Win Deserved.

(Denaby United 0, Lincoln City Reserve 0).

Denaby United obtained one point on Saturday from the game with Lincoln City Reserve. With the least bit of luck they would have got away with both, and no one could deny that earned them. Except for a brief period after the kick-off, before the team had really settled down to its work, the play was largely confined to the Lincoln quarters, and but for weak finishing, several goals might have been netted

Taylor, Ashmore and Brayshaw were all absent from the team which lost to Brodworth the previous week, but having recovered from their respective indispositions they all took their places in the team for Saturday’s match. Lincoln, who just, and only just managed to beat Wombwell on life Thursday when their first team had no match, made so lewer than six alternations in their eleven. But both sides were at full strength.

The F. A. Cup-ties in both Doncaster and Sheffield, and Mexborough’s home match with Scunthorpe had their inevitable effect on the ‘gate,’ which was very poor. There would be only a few hundreds present at the kick-off, and although more came along a little later, the total attendance was only round about 1,000. The match had been arranged originally for the previous Saturday, and Denaby should have gone to Lincoln last weekend. The United have, however, been very unfortunate with their fixtures this season and good ‘gates’ have often had to be sacrificed to get them in. The match with Lincoln was if course, rearranged because of the Sheffield Cup-tie, which has proved so unprofitable to Denaby from every point of views. But even in those circumstances a ‘gate’ of 1,000 is not nearly enough for a team of the standing of Denaby, who can boast of such proud traditions.

The weak finishing of the Denaby forwards on Saturday was in a large measure due to the state of the ground, though not entirely. The surface hardened by the frost, had softened under the influence of the morning sun. Mud, in consequence was everywhere, and it made accurate passing and accurate shooting if not exactly impossible, at any rate difficult. Futhermore, the heavy going necessarily had its effect on the players, though they stuck to their pob very well. Denaby were the more enterprising of the two teams and the way in which the ground was cut up in front of the Lincoln goal told its own tale. Lincoln were outplayed for long periods, and only an occasionnal breakaway threatened danger. But Bromage, the home goalie, had very little to do. Not once during the whole 90 minutes did he have really difficult shot to deal with. The visitors were too much occupied in defence to worry about attack. Their defence gave a good account of itself.

Denaby, who won the toss had the wind in their favour. Play in the opening stages was continued largely to midfield. A run on the Lincoln left by Marshall was easily checked, and at the other end Storey cleared a promising movement by the United’s forwards. The exchanges were very fast, and as time went on Denaby gradually took the upper hand. Hunt was compelled to retreat over the line, but the corner was abortive. Pearson, who was the best of the Denaby forwards, got in an excellent centre, but Gray failed to turn it into the net. After another breakaway by the Lincoln forwards, Denaby obtained another corner which produced a good deal of excitement in the goalmouth, but the ground was too much of a handicap for Brayshaw.

Denaby pressed strongly on the resumption and Lincoln were in a fever of anxiety. It was almost the only thrilling period of the game. Gray got a neat pass to Brayshaw, but Hunt ran out and picked up the ball when he was about to shoot. Hunt was called upon several times, and once Gray leaded just wide from an awkward angle. Lincoln took a turn after this, and Denaby had to concede a corner, but the pressure was soon relieved. The United’s inside forwards failed to take advantage of a corner which Cooper placed very accurately. Play was for the most part in favour of Denaby for the remainder of the half. Pearson and Bussey (who was not his usual self), missed an open goal, each relying upon the other to shoot from less than two yards out. They hesitated too long and missed a golden opportunity. Ludvin, the Lincoln centre-half, was injured, but resumed after a few minutes in dressing room.


Denaby United: Bromage, Lack, Taylor; Ashmore, Windle, Hill; Pearson, Bussey, Gray, Brayshaw, Cooper.