Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Lincoln City Res 3 – Gallant Ten Deserved a Better Fate

April 1955

South Yorkshire Times April 9, 1955

Denaby United Gallant Ten Deserved a Better Fate

Nothing, they say, succeeds like success, conversely, little can be more disheartening than a complete lack of it. And nothing, it seems, can turn up to break Denaby United’s unhappy sequence of Midland league misfortunes which has seen them without a point since they defeated Scarborough at Tickhill Square on January 29.

Since then they have been beaten in 11 matches, the 2 – 0 defeat at Peterborough on Saturday and the 3– 0 defeat by Lincoln City Reserves at Tickhill Square on Monday making up the list.

On Monday evening Denaby pitted sheer endeavour – and for 75 minutes 10 men against football skill, and inevitably on a ground that torrential rain had turned into a glue pot in the second half, football skill won.

It was a pity United should have been faced with this added handicap. Gillott, converted to inside forward, was injured in the 15th minute. He had to be taken to hospital to have a head wound stitched and his head swathed in bandages, he had, perforce to watch the second half from the touchline.

Up to that point it had seemed that United were going to exact the last ounce from Lincoln. They held the City Reserves to a goalless half and forced seven corners to one in the process and although Shaw put City ahead with a beautiful goal in the ninth minute of the second half, so much sheer endeavour was thrown at them for the remainder that it was not until the 85th and 88th minute that Birch and Clews, the left-wing pair, got the other two Lincoln goals.

Denaby supporters must have felt they had killed a robin in the hectic early stages of the game. In the 12th minute there was an amazing series of escapes for Lincoln in a couple of struggles following two corners. From Denaby sixth corner Dixon headed into Warrington’s arms and in the second half there was a similar struggle. This time Denaby roared for goal, but it appeared that Dixon had helped the ball into the net with his hand. Only Green, who headed out when Warrington was beaten save Lincoln yet later in the game.

It was disheartening for the team and for Denaby supporters to see so much endeavour earning so little reward. But it was heartening to see how well that hard work was sustained in the end. Lincoln showed themselves a good footballing side, though not always as direct as they might have been. The forwards were nippy, even in the glue pot.They shot hard and often and few better goals have been seen at Tickhill Square this season that the first one by Shaw.

For the record, Clews failed with a penalty in the 79th minute, awarded against Barnes when Littler was speeding through the middle. The ball hit the post.

Denaby’s match with Goole on Saturday is timed for 5.30. They go to Corby on Monday and play the return game at Denaby on Tuesday. (Kick – off 3.15).

On Friday the reserves play Sheffield club; on Wednesday, April 13, starts bridge works’ reserves at still more; on April 21, Hallam.