Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Rotherham Town 2

5 September 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 05 September 1911

Denaby United  0 Rotherham Town 2

Town in beating Denaby United on the Colliery ground last evening only reaped reward of the better team. They gave a very fine exhibition all through without having matters all their own way. Play was pretty evenly divided but the visitors won by reason of the possession of a strong half-back line, in Shelton. and Joe Westwood, coupled with a very safe and steady pair of backs in Saul and Count.

Neither team had much luck in front of goal, and the better team won, for they showed better judgement and a more skilful control of the ball. Denaby could not get going properly, and the forwards were slow to accept chances.

Marshall and Swinbourne kicked lustily, and Thompson kept a good goal, but the halves were not strong enough. Lang being and Mercer were the pick the forwards, the old Rotherham centre,  being completely “off.”

On the visitors side Saul, Count, the halves, and Hilton, Kaye, and Birtles, of the forwards, were always moving. Wright scored one goal, and the other came in a melee, both being from centres.

Sheffield United Reserve  3  Mexborough Town  0

Without becoming unduly exciting, the game Bramall Lane. Sheffield, yesterday afternoon, between Sheffield United Res. Mexbro’ Town was very interesting, and sufficed to show that with little more cohesion and less hesitancy in front of goal, United Reserves will do well this season. Mexbro’ were inferior to the home team all departments, except goal, where Rounds, the old Barnsley keeper, showed that he has not lost his cunning.

United’s bustling tactics put the Town completely out gear. Their forwards, after the first ten minutes, were unable to combine effectively, and the half backs, who had to act on the defensive for the most part, could not render them much assistance.

United’s Tompkins, however, proved himself a clever interceptor and feeder. Both the backs played well under the continued pressure, but neither them displayed form equal that Richardson and Smith, who formed United’s rear rank. Richardson is very promising youth, while Smith seemed to strong in his methods as ever.

The first half’s play was of a bustling character, United’s only goal in this half resulting after 14 minutes play. Prior to Cooke netting.

In the second moiety Mexborough very rarely seriously threatened danger to the United citadel, and United kept Rounds, Crump and Murray very busy, the Town goal having some narrow escapes. Cooke second goal came after 25 minutes play in this half, a rebound been deftly utilised. 10 minutes of time the third point was notched by the same player, E successfully fighting in the long dry from about 20 yards out.