Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Rotherham Utd Reserves 4 – Former Denaby men score Goals

April 1956

South Yorkshire Times April 14, 1956

Former Denaby men Score Goals

Denaby United 0 Rotherham Utd Reserves 4

It’s a pity Denaby United are are running into trouble at a time when these long anticipated evening kick-offs are beginning to come around. The weather has not been at all the kind to attract sizeable gates and injuries have two seriously upset the balance of the side. That there was no joy at all for them in Saturdays evening fixture with Rotherham United Reserves, a side with whom they had drawn one 1-1 at Millmoor and by whom they were now beaten 4-0

Denaby indeed toiled all night and caught nothing. It was hard toil and it was wholehearted, but not once did the attack function as a unit, and the Rotherham defence was so heavily armour plated by comparison, that Denaby had one of their sorriest 90 minutes of the whole of his season’s campaign. The one bright spot was Williamson’s excellent savings of a good penalty shot by Ray Dixon, late in the second half.

Doubtless they would appreciate the irony that all four Rotherham goal should have been scored by the two former Denaby men Dixon and then Weakley. Both Weakley’s goals were diverted into the net via Denaby defenders, but they were well on their way before these finishing touches assisted them.

Weakly cut across the ball squarely for Dixon to put Rotherham ahead with a good goal in the 23rd minute, and outside right Simpson crowned a fast run with another equally good centre for Dixon to score again, six minutes later. Weakley got one home via a defender in the 34th minute and four minutes from half time he missed a sitter which was just asking be turned into the net.

Early in the second half Dixon added a similar miss from a Weakly centre and Williams are not so smart of Simpson before Weakley had another chance, but in endeavouring to lift the ball over the advancing Williamson’s head, he lifted it, instead, over the crossbar

In the 70th minute Dixon took the penalty awarded to Rotherham. The shot hard and low to left and corner of the goalmouth, Williamson dived – and cut off the ball brilliantly.

For five minutes Denaby came briefly into the hunt – remember that lightning dash by Duggan? But it was only a momentary flash and in the 76th minute Weakley got the fourth Rotherham goal, the ball shooting in via Bussey’s foot.

There was only one verdict on this game: Denaby were completely overshadowed, and all things considered, they got off lightly