Denaby Utd – Denaby 0 Scunthorpe 0 – Denaby Held – Goals Would Not Come

November 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 14, 1925

Denaby Held
Goals that Would Not Come

Denaby United 0 Scunthorpe United 0

On a day like Saturday it was impossible to expect a high standard of play. There were plenty of exciting incidents at Denaby, and many “all but” goals were scored. But to steady oneself after a dash down the field was an impossibility.

Scunthorpe were the better team in the first hour, and though they played for the first 10 minutes without Briggs, their Wombwell born centre forward, and afterwards had to be satisfied with Wright, a local youth, as substitute, their attack was effective.

Briggs down to play but did not arrive at the ground. There were many near things and it looked as if their superior strength would cause a collapse of Denaby at times. But Denaby were plucking, and after holding the visitors during the first half, they let themselves go after the change of ends.

Scunthorpe were nowhere in the second half. Denaby were masters. Their combination was sound, and the determined attacks made on the Scunthorpe goal were deserving of reward. But the ground was against accurate shooting – though we repeat, there were many near things. To hold a good shot must have been difficult, for though the greasy ball was periodically replaced by one that had been washed, a few seconds play only was necessary to make it a slippery as ever. Both goalkeepers must be congratulated on such fine work.

Denaby’s right wing was the weaker, for Drew, when given an excellent chance, would persist in dallying instead of getting the ball into the middle, and several times during the second half when Denaby were ripe for a goal he lost valuable time in this way. He took part in some pretty play earlier on, however, and with Pearson and Croot did clever shop passing which foiled the Scunthorpe defence. Pearson missed the best opportunity of the game, for when Skeels put the ball on his toe leaving him to tap it into the net, he missed the ball altogether.

The Denaby halves for the better part of the team, and in the second half gave great support to the forwards, distributing the ball cleverly. Full-back, Wheelhouse showed remarkable speed which added the security of the home goal. Both his clearances and those of Bisby were safe. Bromage held some hot shots under trying circumstances.

Team: Bromage; Wheelhouse, Bisby; Croot, Windle, Brown; Drew, Pearson, Taylor, Allen, Skeels