Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Bridlington 0 – United Lead Yorkshire League

September 1967

South Yorkshire Times, September 30, 1967

Denaby United Take Over Yorkshire League Leadership

Denaby United 1 Bridlington Town 0

Denaby went top of the Yorkshire League Division 1 in just 13 min of their match with Bridlington town, winning 1-0 a game which not be highlighted  at Tickhill Square as anything approaching brilliant.

It will best be forgotten by both teams, particularly Bridlington Town, who showed nothing like their Premier form of the past three seasons, and their lowly position in the league suggest this was a typical performance. It was not a one-sided match by any means but the Denaby approach was much more forceful. When they attacked it was stinging and much more purposeful. Their hearts were full of the task in front and, with the ball at their feet, particularly launderers and Mick Smith, they were dangerous.

Strong Defence

This was in violent contrast to Town, who were contained for the most part by the resolute home defence. Only once did they falter, Ainscough was on hand to knee away a goalward shot.

The feaure of the game, was the possession football played by Ainscough and Wood from the depths of their penalty area to the other end of the field.

It was a pleasure to watch the halfbacks using their wingman as a “wall” whipped around three and sometimes four opponents before parting.

The Town defence was at sixes and sevens during the first 20 minutes and Denaby ripped gaping holes in it. Only Hall stood alone to prevent the rampage, but the home team could well have been three up. Launders seized such a chance to beat Gleeson with the winning goal, the ball hit the post before going in.