Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Corby 1 – Amazing Finish Earned a Point

October 1955

South Yorkshire Times October 8, 1955

Amazing Finish Earned a Point

Denaby United 1 Corby Town 1

if Denaby had lost Saturday’s Midland League match with Corby I’d have lost all my belief in justice. In all the years I’ve been watching football at Tickhill Square I don’t think I can remember a burst like this one in which everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into battle to get the goal United by then so richly deserved. Even right back Hague taking free kicks somewhere near the left-wing corner flag!

But the plain honest fact was that United got into stride far too late. Corby looked one of the most moderate side we have had at Denaby four weeks and Denaby launched all the weighty attacks, both in the first half – and the second. But strangely they seem to have lapsed into that one move too many policy, and save for a shot from Poulson, which hit the Corby crossbar and flashed back into play amid a shimmer of whitewash, there was little real promise of goals in the first 45 minutes stop

Gathered Momentum

United earned a point for their amazing finish. Even with Pool on the injured list (Flynn had moved inside right after 10 minutes in the second half they gathered momentum like a bold rolling down a hillside, and this very sizeable “gate” must surely have gone away feeling that if seen Denaby at their early-season base, they had certainly had their money’s worth in the pure exhilaration of those last 15 minutes will stop

Begg was brilliant in the Corby goal and the Corby defence (strange to believe they have conceded 30 goals this season) which had cruised pleasantly through the afternoon, was hit by a squall which needed all hands on deck to cope with it. Right to the 89th minute it seemed as though luck was not to forsake them, but Duggan could feel compensation for that earlier shot, which had it not hit Smith’s foot would have registered when he got the all-important equaliser with a minute to go.

Quiet by Comparison

Corby’s goal, scored by centre forward Harrison in the 44th minute, was quiet by comparison. The Corby leader shot low from a crowd of players and Rimmington was obviously hampered. The ball found its way into the net diagonally. It was that goal which would have given them both points but for this late rally – and on balance they certainly wouldn’t have been worth them, though Harrison nearly scored again within the shop similar buildings which rebounded high from Rimmington’s knee.

Denaby’s near misses came too thick and fast for logging. One remembers the cool manner in which Rimmington picked the ball from Harrison’s toes when the Corby leader had only him to beat (he made it look too easy!); Also remembers a near Corby miss when the linesman flagged Harrison offside but left-winger Adams was allowed to go on with the ball and there was a desperate scramble before the ball was cleared. One remembers to, how the Corby centre half Neil conceded a penalty for “hands” in the last quarter, the referee awarded a free kick one foot from the line.

The halfback line generally add a good match, and Duggan, Holmes and Poulson were particularly 90 minute workers in the forward line.

Incidentally the Corby Supporters Club secretary expressed very warm appreciation of the reception the club enjoyed at Denaby! Which was very nice to hear