Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Doncaster Rov 0 – “Orphan” Beats Doncaster.

September 1937

Star Green ‘un – Saturday 11 September 1937

Denaby’s Points
Fleetwood’s “Orphan” Beats Doncaster.  

Denaby home supporters had their first opportunity today of seeing their side in action. The visit of Doncaster Rovers attracted about 1.000 spectators.

Denaby forced the pace on the left, but Senior placed behind.

Green opened a further home advance, but Imrie was not seriously troubled. Denaby were doing most of the pressing, and Massarella was almost through, Imrie just getting his foot to the ball in time.

Bott led Doncaster’s first advance, but offside spoiled ed the movement. Mcnren tested Winn. Denaby returned to the attack, however, and Massarella and Betts tried hard. Turner defended well for the visitors. Doncaster began to get moving, and Morgan sent Shooter away, but the ball was placed behind.

Massarella troubled the Rovers* defence, and Fleetwood and Betts were concerned a clever home manoeuvre. . Shooter sent a glorious wing shot, but Winn was safe. Midfield play ruled, and generally, the defences held the upper hand. Winn had to take the ball off Botts toe, and went to force a corner. Little centred smartly for Doncaster, but Morgan shot over. Play was now fairly even, but there were too frequent stoppages for infringements. Little was dangerous for Doncaster, and Pickering cleared through crowd of players. Betts and Massarella both went close for Denaby near the interval.

Half-time:—Denaby United 0 Doncaster Rovers’ Res.  0

Doncaster were the first away alter the resumption, but Denaby were the first to be dangerous. Senior, however, missed a great chance.


Following pressure by Little. Denaby returned to the attack, and they harassed the visitors’ defence for a time. Doncaster forced a corner, but Wildsmith shot wide. Morgan almost caught Winn napping when the ball went just short of the post. Doncaster were now playing much better than they had done throughout the match.

FLEETWOOD scored for Denaby in the second half.

Result: Denaby United 1 Doncaster Rovs Res. 0