Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Doncaster Rov Res 1 – Aubrey Scrivens Visits

5 October 1957

South Yorkshire Times October 5, 1957

An Old Player Revisits Denaby

Mr Aubrey Scrivens, who spent four seasons with Birmingham after his transfer from Denaby United in season 1923/24 was among the spectators at the Denaby – Doncaster Reserves, Midland league match at Tickhill Square on Saturday

This outside-left who joined Denatry from Warmsworth, was with Bradford City when they won the Third North in 1928/29, and later went on to Bristol City, was re – visiting Tickhill Square for the first Time since those far off days, but there was precious little else to offer him in this drawn fixture.  Pis.

There was that “Derby” needle about it, but it was still a very tame ninety minutes.

Rovers’ more direct forward In gave them what edge there was and Nicholson’s 33rd minute goal for Doncaster, taken beautifully from the ball crossed by Donnelly was a good one.

88 minutes had gone before Pilkington got Denaby United’s point saver in a bunched goal mouth, following a corner. Then as often happens, United might well have had a winner, for it was only full-back White who saved Doncaster. He caught the ball on his shins as it was about to cross the line.

Line Not Impressive

but there had been chances earlier than this. Marlow had the best one. Doncaster were expecting an offside whistle that never came and the Denaby inside-forward hit a very weak shot a couple of yards wide of an empty goal.

This Denaby forward line does not impress as a combine likely to produce the goal glut we enjoyed so heartily last season. The hard working Egan carried the greatest promise on Saturday, but he was a lone hand.

The defence functions soundly enough but the goals tally speaks for itself—nine matches—ten goals, Last season’s flying start —nine matches-34 goals (!) has spoilt us.

Mr. Scrivens, who was contemporaneous as a player with Matt Taylor, came to Denaby to see Matt when he heard he was now Denaby’s -secretary/manager. He was unlucky–for Matt was off ill.

Many old Denaby supporters were, nevertheless very pleased to renew old acquaintances. Mr Scrivens lost his wife and 10 year old child during the Birmingham blitz in 1940. He has since remarried and lives in Ladywood, Birmingham. He went to Birmingham on transfer with George Briggs (Tunstall’s brother-in-law)