Denaby Utd – Denaby 1  Gainsborough Trin Res  4 – Denaby’s Weekly Portion

2 December 1911

Sheffield Telegraph, December 2nd  1911

Denaby’s Weekly Portion

Denaby United 1  Gainsborough Trinity Reserve  4

These are dark days for Denaby United.

The villagers, to use a paradox, strengthened their position as holders of the Midland League wooden spoon, by the weakness of their display against Gainsborough Trinity Reserve, who ran out easy winners by no less than four goals to one.

The defeat was the more unpalatable because it came on the Denaby ground, where the spectators could extract little from the play to hold out much hope for the future.

To put the position without varnish, it must be said that Denaby, despite the continual changes rung on the team are little likely to extricate themselves from their present lowly position with the material at present at their disposal. Against Trinity the players showed plenty of dash, but the majority of it was spent through a deplorable lack of method.

The manifest attempts to “muddle through” did not come of and Trinity, who were the cleverer, faster and more effective had an easy task in bagging the points at stake.