Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Gainsborough Trinity 0 – Dull Day at Denaby

April 1946

South Yorkshire Times, 27th April, 1946.

Midland League
Dull Day at Denaby

Denaby United  1, Gainsborough Trintity  0

‘Have a shot, half-back.’ This cry went up from Denaby United’s main stand 30 minutes after the start of their sole home Easter holiday fixture – against Gainsborough Trinity – on Monday. It was an ironic call, but sad to relate, not without some justification. Truth to tell, the forwards of both sides had not then shown themselves at all trustful. It was a dull game, and despite a certain briskness which developed during the second half, many of the forward movements had a lackadaisical air about them. But then, Denaby had had a Good Friday trip to Gainsborough and the long excursion to Shrewsbury the following day.

First half highlights were a neat header by Barnard into the hands of the Gainsborough goalkeeper, Harper, and a hot drive a few moments later from Dickens which forced Harper to his knees. Gainsborough obtained their first corner after 40 minutes, but two minutes from half-time Denaby scored the only goal of the match after a glorious run by Eaglen from the halfway line. Harper partially parried Eaglen’s shot, but MOSELEY dashed the ball into the net. Denaby had earned their success, but in the second half, after an initial bright burst by Denaby, Gainsborough attacked strongly and there were occasions when it looked as though they would draw level.

Denaby missed chances. Once Strachan, with Harper out of position, had only to touch the ball into the net, but instead he skied the ball, enabled Harper to run back into place, catch the ball and clear with ease. Strachan had an off day – a pity this as he was being ‘watched’ by an Arsenal representative. I felt that Denaby must have sighed with relief when the final whistle went. Gainsborough, on their second half performance, deserved a point.