Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Grimsby T Res, 2 – Whitfield Foiled Denaby of Both Points

October 1946

South Yorkshire Times October 5, 1946

Whitfield’s Winner
Foiled Denaby of Both Points.

Denaby Utd. 1, Grimsby T Res, 2

A goal by Whitfield with three minutes to go – almost the last burst of the match – put Grimsby ahead and gave them a lead which foiled Denaby of both points in Monday’s match at Tickhill Square. There would be a 50-50 verdict on whether or not they deserved it. I think they did for the extra snapping us of their forward line in a game in which both defences were at full stretch for 90% of the time.

All the real scoring shots came in the second half – a peculiar sequel to a half which opened very tamely after the first forceful 45 minutes. If you like to look back on the possibilities; first there was a lucky break when Turner scrambled the ball away after both Millership and Jack Williams had been beaten in a tight spot on the goal lay open wide: then a Stratchan centre which Chisholm tried to gather. missed, and collected perilously on the second attempt; Johnson’s hooked shot that had the crowd on its toes, saved only by Millership spoiling the angle of its flight, that strategic lapse when Miller Shipp, running back to recover, – alone to step a sudden tide – quite forgivable overran the ball and Johnson left with a clear run, unaccountably passed across to the left wing and allowed Denaby to crowd in and clear, Reeves meteor-like drive in the second half that struck the crossbar – inches lower a certain goal: Hurley’s terrible bad luck when his shot cannoned onto Chisholm’s feet as the Grimsby goalkeeper lay stretched on his back, a yard out of goal: Johnson’s late thriller which crashed against the crossbar again.

Lacked punch.

Those were the highlights of the game. Denaby played with a great deal of chessboard movement in the first half, but their work lacked punch and precision and Grimsby always seemed the more likely to score. As it was, a shot from Carver after 37 minutes was only partially saved and Hurley was there to turn doubt into certainty. This goal dispelled any idea that Denaby would fade out of the picture in the second half: and so it proved. And it was undoubtably a surprise when K. Reeves sent in a hard volley which slipped through Urien’s arms to put them on level terms after 25 minutes in this half. Then for this 1,700 gate, the disappointment. With three minutes to go, Whitfield slotted home the winner, Denaby tried hard for that equaliser right up to the last whistle, but the game was spent.

Urien played as grand a game as ever and both fullbacks got through a good deal of work. But Millership was the dominant figure. Able, confident, calculating, he was always there and played a brilliant game. Jack Williams came out with honours from a very hard afternoon’s work, and one reflected that Hurley, at centre forward, with Killourhy (who was not playing on Monday) might make a very useful combination. Hurley was at inside left on Monday and gave a very racy display. The tall Charlesworth was dominant at centre half for Grimsby, and had excellent partners in Hall and F. Reeves. Centre forward Reeves was always in the picture, but Johnson left the brightest memory. A right-winger with a rare turn of speed!