Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Grimsby Town Res 0 (picture)

22 December 1951

South Yorkshire Times, Saturday December 22nd 1951

27th Minute Goal at Denaby

Earns United Both Points

Denaby United 1 Grimsby Town Res 0

Eight of Denaby United’s league and cup games this season have been won or lost by a goal margin, and on the maxim that luck and ill luck eventually, break even Ignited can take from Saturday’s 1-0 victory over Grimsby Town Reserves consolation for the, previous Saturday’s 1-0 defeat, by Scunthorpe.

Rowney (picture) won the match with a goal in the 27th minute. In at centre-forward for Sarson, out of the side with a toe injury, he was the live wire of the first half, a constant nuisance to the Grimsby defence, and always looking for that spare yard in which to manoeuvre, Rowney knows what to do with a ball in striking distance and United won this game principally because of that fact.

Grimsby were as unlucky on Saturday as Denaby were on the previous Saturday for once Lloyd really had Jones in trouble with a close-range shot which Roy Cooling had to rescue and kick clear as it was rolling perilously near the line. Balance that, if you like, with the Rowney shot which Daley dropped and which centre-half Bellas had to rescue in like manner, but on balance, Grimsby were the aggressors and there was one notable save by Jones from Lloyd, in the second half, which was as near a goal as any shot of the match.

Accurately on target, Grimsby should have had at least three good goals, and two of them should have fallen to left winger McCue. How he missed them, with yards of open space in which to manoeuvre, only he knows.

That, however, was the other half 1 of the story of Denaby’s success. Grimsby’s shooting was remarkably inaccurate. Their approach work was as successful as a tight United defence would allow (often dangerously so). They got in many more shots than we saw from United, but 80 per cent. of them were wide of target. The remainder were handled most expertly by Jones.

Grimsby played the last 13 minutes with 10 men, their left-half being sent off, but they were never out of the hunt.

Denaby are away to York City Reserves to-morrow. They are at home to Gainsborough Trinity on Christmas Day and away to Gainsborough on Boxing Day. On Saturday, December 29th, they go to Bradford.