Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Huddersfield Town Reserves 0 – First League Victory.

3 October 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 03 October 1911

Midland League.

Denaby United’s First League Victory.

Denaby United  1 Huddersfield Town Reserves 0

Denaby last evening were at home to Huddersfield Town Reserves, who with the assistance of four first team men, a week previously defeated the “Villagers” by 8 goals, 1.

There was only a small attendance of spectators, but a sensational start was forthcoming. Denaby running through from the kick off for Bisby to score in the first half minute.

The next minute Denaby were almost through again, but Waldon was tripped, and the free kick came to nothing; however, the Huddersfield goal had a narrow escape from a centre by Denaby continued to show surprisingly good form, their forwards shooting every opportunity, only to find Mutch in great form goal. Twice Waldon shot over the bar from close in. and at the other end Cunningham and Craig made good attempts to score for Huddersfield.

The game continue fast and interesting to the interval, which found Denaby still in front by virtue of their opening goal.

The second half opened in lively fashion, and both goals were quickly assailed in turn. From a centre by Dodsley, Waldon headed over the Huddersfield crossbar, and at the other end Cowley flashed a hot shot just wide of the near post. During a hot attack by Denaby a Huddersfield back handled the ball in the forbidden area, but the referee did not see the incident, and ignored the loud claims for a penalty. Right to the end both teams kept a hot pace, but the Denaby forwards shot far more frequently than did their opponents, once hitting the angle of the crossbar and side post with smashing drive.

Nearing the end Denaby overplayed the visitors, and their victory was well deserved, the team showing welcome all-round improvement.