Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Notts County Res 0 – A Reorganised Denaby, Winger’s Promise

February 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 24, 1928

A Reorganised Denaby,
Edlington winger’s Promise

Denaby United 1, Notts County Reserve 0

Denaby: Birch; Taylor, Windle; Clegg, Barker, Ingledew ; Charlton, Jenkins, Kelly, Brayshaw, Stevenson.

Notts County: Hyde; Mills, Goucher; Hillhouse, Dunsdale, Plackett; Taylor, Kelly, Widdowson, Davies, Price.

Referee: G. Parkin, Worksop.

The Denaby team, on Saturday was quite different in all respects to that which lost to Notts Forest on Thursday. Changes were made in several positions. Windle went left back, and made a good substitute for Hunter; Barker was in Ogley’s place, Ingledew was tried at left-half—and came off; and two new wingers were put in.

It was a fine game, one of the best I have seen on the Denaby ground this season. It started with surprising briskness and the pace was sustained throughout. On that display’ Denaby have only two positions that they might improve. Stephenson has his good ‘points, but is not yet strong enough for the Midland League game—perhaps a little more training would bring him out; and Brayshaw was rather slow.

All the other positions were well filled.  Birch played splendidly, and he “received every support from Taylor and Windle. Though Windle played a good game back is not his position and extra work fell on to Taylor, but he rose to it. He tackled, cleared, and gave a helping hand to his halves.

Clegg played his usual good game and Barker was outstanding in midfield play. Ogley was only missed at rare intervals when his head would have come in usefully. Ingledew was a surprise. On this play he is a better half than forward. Charlton, from Edlington, showed great promise, and in him Denaby .have found a. winger who partners Jenkins admirably.’

It was this that caused Notts. County most trouble, Previously Jenkins has been too fast for the line, but on Saturday he and Charlton made a very effective wing. Charlton, was a little weak with corner kicks, but that will come with practice. Kelly played a useful bustling game

If Notts could have settled down to their usual game they would probably have won for they played the better class football at times; but they were never allowed to settle down. Their forwards were worried continually, and’ wherever a Notts player received the ball he found a Denaby man with him. At times Denaby had to pack their goal, and at others a bit of luck saved them; but they were worthy winners. In the second half Notts played with only ten men, Widdowson being injured towards the end of the first half and ‘unable to resume.

The only goal came after twelve minutes. Charlton ran down and centred and the ball went over to Stevenson who put it back in the middle. Brayshaw received when about four yards out, and passed to KELLY, who shot into the net.