Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, Ransome and Marles 0 – Denaby Win in A Storming Finish

March 1946

South Yorkshire Times March 23, 1946

Midland League
Denaby Win in A Storming Finish

Denaby United 1, Ransome and Marles 0

Goalkeeper Uren was the hero of this match, and, in lesser degree, Strachan. Strachan it was who completed a polished movement 12 minutes from the end to give Denaby the game. But it was Uren to whom the plaudits must go. In a storming game he played a magnificent part in Denaby’s victory. He was seen at his best principally in the second half when Ransomes, snapping out of a first half lethargy which revealed little of the form which has taken them t the top of the League, subjected Denaby’s goal to a series of assaults which at one point seemed certain of success. But where the defence was beaten, Uren stood between Ransomes and matchwinners.

There were only three dangerous shots in a scrappy first half in which Denaby always seemed the more likely to score. A thriller which had the crowd on its toes came from Dickens, way out on the Denaby left. The ball crashed against the woodwork, scattering whitewash, and as it dropped into the goalmouth again Bland had all his work out out to turn it over the bar.

Another moment of excitement came when Dunderdale, Ransome’s tall centre-forward, crashed in a snap shot which left his foot as though motivated by an electric charge. Uren covered it brilliantly. There was a lot of miskicking and passes often went astray on both sides, but the tempo was most often held up for free kicks – most of which were awarded to Denaby, and at last it seemed that they were destined to take a lead for which they had struggled so hard when, in the 43rd minute, they were awarded a penalty. It was a reflection on their luck in this half when Godfrey, always a prodigious kicker, saw Bland cover his shot and knock the ball out of goal.

Visible Vigour.

Ransomes came back with a visible vigour in the second half, but Denaby more than equalled it. It was a storming half and there was that real full-throated Tickhill Square roar when, in the 33rd minute of his. Saxton, who played an indefatigable game at centre-forward, Burton, selfless as ever, and Strachan, all shared in the movement which went like clockwork from the start, ad which Strachan crowned with a lovely shot.

Burton got the ball into the net again but was ruled offside, on the decision of a linesman. He had an empty goal, for with Ransomes packed in the Denaby half, a surprise clearance found their defence thoroughly spreadeagled, Denaby sprang into motion again and Bland had come well out of his goal in an effort to take the ball. He was beaten, and Burton, obviously unaware of the decision, made a pretty little solo run and went on to finish off his move by pushing the ball into the untenanted goal. Dunderdale, Ransome’s centre-forward, was effectively watched by centre-forward, was effectively watched by Fisher, who with Wheat and Turner, played a sound game at half-back for Denaby.

There was not a great deal of good football – but it was often a thriller in which Denaby more than earned their success.