Denaby Utd – Denaby 1  Rotherham County  4 – Denaby Down Again.

October 1911

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 23 October 1911

Denaby Down Again.

Denaby United  1  Rotherham County  4

The “bad patch” is sticking to Denaby United, who again suffered defeat on their own ground, where Rotherham County gained the points score of four goals to one. The figures certainly flatter the County, who were little if any superior to the home team, for the opening two-thirds of the game.

Denaby made changes, and the “young blood” introduced had the effect of the increase in the place and including the combination of the side. Indeed, it was not until Williams miskicked through his owe goal and gave the County the lead for the second time that the outlook changed from the problematical. Then Denaby went all pieces, and the County forwards playing effective football, added two more goals in the closing stages, and ran out comfortable winners.

The County, while not doing anything extra when Denaby were “all out.” did not belie their good league record. They are a good side, with a real sporting chance for the championship.

Denaby despite their defeat, showed improvement and the team, if slow to mature, looks like doing better later on.

For the County the goals were scored Hakin (2) and Lloyd, while Lusher rushed the home team’s solitary point.

Castleford’s First Defeat.

Castleford Town  0 Mexborough Town 1 

The reverse which Castleford Town sustained when opposed to Mexborough Town on Saturday was hardly deserved. They monopolised the play for fully three-parts of the game, and both Crump and Murray had some anxious times One shot from Macreadie actually ran along the crossbar, whilst Crump was lucky away another from Longbottom.

The first and only dangerous movement on the part of Mexborough, however, yielded a score. Davidson having a shot turned into the net by Ward, the home back.

Rounds was frequently called upon, but Gough never touched the ball in the second half, and it was very tantalising to find the “Glassblowers” in arrears after having so much the better the game. Tomlinson was sent off for deliberately striking Gadsby.