Denaby Utd –  Denaby 1, Rotherham United Res. 2 – Too Late To Save a Point

17 March 1951

South Yorkshire Times, March 17, 1951

Denaby Left It Too Late To Save a Point

-But No Grouses

 Denaby United 1, Rotherham United Res. 2

For 70 minutes on Saturday Denaby played like a team of convalescents.

Their moves were sluggish and generally lacking purpose; not even the promptings of “Doctor” Roy Edwards could infuse the inspiration required to banish this lethargy. But 10 minutes from time there came a right flank “shot in the arm” which plastered red shirts all over the Rotherham goal area and snuggled the ball cosily at the back of the net.

It was one of those inspired Denaby moves which work out faultlessly from the word “Go” and which came, in this case, from full-back Warner. His clearance to Law was taken up by McGuinness, Rowney and Platt and rounded off by ROWNEY with a sizzling ground shot to the right of goalkeeper Quairney

Denaby left it too late to save a point, but they should have no grouses. Had their many goal front chances been taken, Rotherham would have been hard put to to continue a revival which has brought three successive victories. They had a grand ‘keeper in Quairney, and definitely held the initiative in midfield, with inside forwards Wragg and Wood linking up well with their wing halves.

Only Edwards, of the Denaby forwards, was at his best, though early shots by Platts and Cox hit the same upright and an acrobatic leap was needed by Quairney to push clear a well-judged flick by Platts. The defence was generally sound, with Jack Williams kicking cleanly and covering well

Rotherham’s winners came in the 22nd and 26th minutes from COX and WOOD.