Denaby Utd – Denaby 1 Sheffield Wednesday Reserve 0 – Good Gate – United too Strong

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 28, 1905

Wharncliffe league.

Denaby United 1 Sheffield Wednesday Reserve 0

The second meeting of Denaby and Wednesday reserve on Saturday attracted a good gate, and more than ordinarily interest was taken in the event, owing to Wednesday’s victory over United and Denaby’s unexpected downfall to Rotherham town.

The man in the street was pretty confident of Wednesday been able to reverse the result of the previous week, and only the most rabid supporter of Denaby were sure of his pets coming through on top. Denaby played the same team as in the previous match, Welch reappearing after his absence on Thursday. Wednesday had Slavin away, assisting the home team, Harrop appearing at centre half. Henman field displaced Crawshaw at right half, and the left wing was composed of Rollinson and Eyre, instead of Timmon and Malik.

Lawley won the toss, and set Wednesday to play against the sun. When Bradshaw kicked off the sun was shining brilliantly, and there was an entire absence of wind. Denaby once got down, but Rollinson and Eyre, with a smart bit of work, changed the venue, and looked like scoring, but Lawley nipped in, and them, and giving to the home left the Wednesday territory was visited.

Eyre and Rollinson again worked down, and Rollinson, to everyone’s relief, shot over. Arnold initiated a good bit of work, in which Lavery and Hepinstall participated, the latter shooting wide by inches only. From the goalkick Reynolds and Morrison worked down in the direction of Hancock but Lawley broke up the attack stop Reynolds came again, but was not well supported by his confreres.

Lindley and Tomkins, backed up off Nimrod, had a turn at attacking but Crapper at that time was playing a good game. A free kick awarded the homesters in front of the Wednesday goal was not turned to advantage. The game at this stage was very tame, the vigour shown in last week’s match being conspicuous by its absence. A little more life was shown when all the home quintette got going, and by some smart combination entirely outwitted Wednesday defence, but Linley finished up by shooting a teaser.

The Wednesday front rank followed suit, Reynolds commencing a bout of passing, which finished up in Bradshaw testing Hancock, who safely negotiated the shot. Nimrod carried the play to the other end, and some exciting play was seen in the vicinity of the Wednesday goal, the visiting defence have all their work cut out to keep their goal intact. Denaby kept up the pressure and Tomkins hit the side of the net with a hot shot, which Jarvis expected, and went down full length to meet.

Two corners fell to Denaby in quick succession, but they proved abortive. This seemed to rouse the Wednesday attack, and going down that a smart pace Eyre sent across a beauty, which Hancock saved at the expense of a corner. Working up from the goalkick, Linley shot over good work by the home left proved ineffective, through hanging on the ball too long. Heppinstall was troublesome to Jameson, Crapper twice having to come to his assistance. Jarvis had his work cut out to dispose of a shop by Tomkins. Half-time arrived with no score.

A change had come over during the interval. A breeze had sprung up, of which Denaby had the advantage.On resuming, Doherty, who had had very little rope allowed him by Harropt, had the chance of a lifetime, but shot wide. The exchanges were more even than in the first half, though their homesteaders still held the upper hand. Crapper, when called upon, proved genuinely safe, but would follow up a brilliant bit of work by something moderate. The home forwards got going, and gave Jameson and Crapper something to think about. Doherty at last had his opportunity, and taking full advantage of it, slipped the ball ball past Jarvis, beating him all ends up.

This proved a “livener,” and the game became much more interesting, Rollinson and Eyre change the venue, but their stay in the home quarter was of short duration. Heppinstall with a brilliant run, got within shooting distance, but Crapper robbed him. Marrison at the other end stop shot over. A heavy shower of sleet cause the ball and ground to become greasy. Wendy tried to equalise but their efforts were rendered futile by the home halves and backs. Nimrod was absolutely brilliant, breaking up attack, and initiating rounds of passing by his own forwards. “Nimrod again” was a frequent expression that for part of the ground.

A smart bout of passing by the home quintet resulted in Lavery being knocked over in the danger zone. Morley took the kick and shot into Jarvis’s hands. One of the Wednesday backs who was standing by the side of the net, joined in the melee which ensued and Jarvis on the ground, received a nasty kick on the head from his boot. (Or so it appeared from the stand). A free kick was given Wednesday and afforded them some relief. Nothing more not ensue, though Wendy tried strenuously to equalise, but the home side was too strong.

Team: Hancock; Welch, Lawley; Nimrod, Hawkins, Arnold; Lindley, Tomkins, Doherty, Lavery and Heppinstall