Denaby Utd – Denaby 1, South Kirkby 1 – Live to Fight Another Day

4 October 1937

Sheffield Independent – Monday 04 October 1937

Denaby United 1, South Kirkby 1

There was little savouring of a Cup-tie about the game at Denaby. The home side were well on top throughout the game, and Kirkby were neither capable nor spirited enough to make it a keen struggle—yet they live to fight another day.

One of the reasons for their escape from heavy defeat was goalkeeper Tremain, last year at Denaby, who produced his best form to upset his old club. He saved shots centres from all angles, and when was himself beaten, Dame Fortune was there, to assist. .

Betts, the Denaby leader, might have had half dozen goals. Apart from the one he scored just before the interval, he struck the post alter beating all apposition, and the crossbar three times with headers in the second half.

But many good chances were also missed. Hardly anything was seen of the South Kirkby attack, so easily did Happs, Green and Ellison repel them, and so swiftly did the Denaby forwards keep the ball moving to the other end. Cartwright and Fleetwood were admirable prompters, and both Bellamy and Massarella did useful work on the wings.

The Kirkby defenders found it difficult to cope with them, but centre-half Jackson often barred the way to goal effectively. Marsden. centre-forward, tried hard without avail to keep his own attack moving, but it was during one of his solo sties in the last few minutes that Green deflected the ball into his own net as the goalkeeper advanced.

The replay will on Thursday.