Denaby Utd – Denaby 13, Wakefield City 0 – Prolific Goal Scoring.

October 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 12, 1907

Wakefield Swamped at Denaby.
Prolific Goal Scoring.

Denaby United 13, Wakefield City 0.

There was only a moderate gate at Denaby on Saturday, when Denaby United made their debut in the English cup competition against Wakefield City.

The homesteaders were at full strength, and the players took the field as under: –

Denaby. – Hancock: Marshall and Lawley, Nimrod, Kelly, and Mitchell; Blackburn, Bennett, Betts, Horton, and Ball.

Wakefield. – Atkinson; Tracey and Charlesworth, Beaumont, Lawson, and Sowerby: King, Clegg, Russell, Bryce, and Aimes.

Denaby were the 1st to attack, and Atkinson fumbled a long shot from Nimrod. Wakefield got away along the right, and Lawley had to give a corner., But it availed to nothing.

Bennett and Blackburn were conspicuous in the home right, and the visiting defenders were greatly harassed.

Five minutes from the commencement Byrne opened the scoring from a superb centre by Ball.

Denaby continued to hold the whip hand, and Charles worth, missing his kick, Atkinson had to save in a hurry.

The Citizens tried to get going but the Denaby middle line was a difficult obstacle, and the game continued to be fought out in the vicinity of the week field goal. Shot after shot was rained upon the city goal, Bennet on two occasions striking the cross bar with terrific drives. Betts scored a second point after 25 minutes, and this was followed two minutes later by one from the foot of Fulton.

The visitors strove hard to raise the siege, but all their calculations were quickly upset, and then the home forwards peppered away at the city goal, and Atkinson brought off one particularly clever save from Kelly.

10 minutes from the interval Betts scored the fourth, and some minutes later he added the fifth. Bennett obtained goal number six, and the whistle blew for half-time immediately afterwards.

Wakefield was the first away after the restart, but Denaby soon soon assumed the upper hand. Ball dribbled nicely through the opposition, but Blackburn fell when about to pounce on his centre, and the ball was cleared. Following a flowing, Betts tried to get through on his own, but Lawson did possess him. Denaby kept up the pressure, and Bennett was only inches wide with a hot drive. The visitors tried to make headway on the right, but Mitchell obtained possession of the ball, and kicked well into the Wakefield goal. Betts secured, and fastening himself on the ball, had little difficulty in putting his side further ahead. A minute later Bennett headed strongly into the net from a corner, but in doing so he damaged his face, and had to leave the field for attention.

Wakefield showed to more advantage, and eventually broke through and succeeded in gaining a flag kick, which, however, came to naught.

The next moment, Blackburn was being applauded all round the ground for a magnificent run on the right, for he outpaced all opposition from the halfway line, and though he received a temporary check on Charlesworth, and the goalkeeper came out to meet him, he cleverly screwed the ball safely into the net.

Bennett resumed an early made himself prominent by again heading through from delightful centre by Ball. The home forwards swarmed the Wakefield goal, and actors Atkinson was almost brought with me is in taking a terrific volley from Mitchell.

Thornton obtained goal number 11, he shot striking the upright and glancing through. The visitors did displayed more aggressive tactics after promptly shattered by the home halves, and Hancock was never called upon. Denaby returned to the attack, and further goals were school scored by Nimrod and Blackburn, and the game ended with the score:

Denaby United.——– 13 goals.

wakeful city.————-0 goals