Denaby Utd – Denaby 2  Barnsley Reserves  1 – Denaby’s Double.

28 February 1921

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 28 February 1921

Denaby’s Double.

Denaby United  2  Barnsley Reserves  1

Denaby United defeated Barnsley Reserves for the second time on Saturday, the latter being the only club to forfeit all four points to the United, who started very strongly indeed, Richardson and Smith scoring inside ten minutes.

Afterwards, and especially in the second half, when they were without their outside-left, injured. Barnsley tried, but only Tummon scored.

Denaby defended well, Gainer and Beefily making good clearances

Mexborough Town 1  Sheffield United Reserves 0

After an exhilarating game, Mexborough managed to beat the United Reserves at Hampden Road by the only goal of the match.

In many respects the United were the better team, and created the most openings. Both defences proved very sound.

Two minutes after the start of the second half Waterfield, a recruit from Swinton, who made his first appearance with Mexborough, sent across a perfect low centre, and Foxall snored. The United pressed afterwards, but Carlin was not seriously troubled.