Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Burton Town 4 – Denaby Dash Fails to Beat Burton Brains

November 1936

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 13, 1936

Denaby Dash Fails to Beat Burton Brains
Lack of Method

Denaby 2, Burton Town 4

Centre half strength was the reason why Burton won this game, granting, too that their rear lines of defence were steady and intelligent. Denaby made a gallant attempt but they had not the cohesion and plan of the Burton team. It was a case of Denaby dash failing to overcome Burton brains.

Denaby won the toss and kicked off with a slight advantage of a cross wind. They were prominent from the start and Fleetwood gave Lawson a chance when he tricked Brown, the visiting centre half, and sent his pass through. Lawson flashed in a shot but Taylor kicked it away for a corner, Lawson placed the ball well from the corner, but it was cleared.

Denaby kept on the attack, and their enthusiasm in this early stage at least kept them in position round the Burton goal for some minutes. Betts, who was on trial at centre forward, had a great opportunity at this period of the game, but he kicked wide. Betts was a trier throughout, but he could not shake off Brown, the visitors centre half, who played a fine game both as stopper and distributor. Betts showed promise however, and had there been better support from the defence and the other forwards no doubt would have given a better showing.

Early storm.

Burton weathered this early storm without a great deal of difficulty, and launched an attack of their own. It was noticeable that their breakaways were swift and dangerous. Marshman at centre forward, was tricky enough to elude Swift most of the time and Goodison and Shepherd had a worrying afternoon looking after the Burton wingmen.

It was from the left wing that trouble first came. Rankin slipped a pass through to Hales on the outside, and the winger sent over a pass, which Marshment tapped just wide. The play was now swinging from end to end and after Happs had punted the ball into the Burton goalmouth Cotton gained a corner, which was put outside. Rankin broke away again, and gave Marshment a chance, but the centre forward wasted time, and Hardy cleared.

Denaby resume the attack, and Lawson went near was a hard drive which forced Styles, the former Sheffield Wednesday player to dive full length. Jeevan’s wasted a fine chance for Burton when he kicked wide. But later he cracked another good drive-in, but he went straight for Tremain, had no difficulty in saving. Betts showed true football ability when he glanced a header that skimmed by the upright.

Lawson shot again but there was a clearance and the Burton forwards broke away. Bridges’s skied the ball and headed it down to Marshment, who slammed it in with the left foot.

Expense of Judgement

The only reason why at this stage Denaby were not several goals in the lead was that their forwards let enthusiasm triumph at the expense of judgement. A little more coolness and they would have converted some of those chances into goals.

Burton showed them how after the interval when Marshment completed his hat-trick and Jeavons scored the other goal.

Denaby swept down the field again quite undeterred by these reverses, and Betts scored a deserved goal when he placed the ball between styles and the upright when seemingly there was not sufficient space to do so. Later Shepherd scored Denaby second goal from a penalty.

Incidentally Shepherd played a sound game, and rattled the Burton woodwork once or twice with free kicks.

Denaby had their moments, but their play was erratic, and when they slipped up occasionally Burton’s nippy forwards took full advantage of the lapse. The Denaby defence was none too certain, and there was a general lack of method throughout the team.