Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Doncaster Rovers Res. 0 – Denaby Underlined Their Sparkle

October 1950

South Yorkshire Times October 7, 1950

Denaby Underlined Their Sparkle Against Worksop

 Denaby United 2, Doncaster Rovers Res. 0

What a pity this excellent performance should have been destined for such a miserable.afternoon! Belle Vue no doubt accounted for many empty spaces and a dismal downpour for many more, but supporters who crowded the stands at Denaby saw a sustained performance by United which heavily underlined their fine display against Worksop a week earlier.

The Old United.

This was, indeed, the old United. Allen, who was leading the Denaby line, and Roy Edwards soon showed us what legacy the day’s rain had left with long, expert slides into the Doncaster goalmouth, and all the more astonishing, therefore, were the speed, snap and sparkle both United and Rovers brought to the game.

Rovers sprang into gear from the whistle. A lightning burst by the right flank on which Lee was inclined to treat comparatively lightly, was transformed into sudden danger when Calverley streaked  pass him and sent in a ground shot, which fairly shimmered out of Mayhall’s hands as he blocked it.

It was an early lesson, emphasised minutes later when Sarson rocketed another sizzling drive over the Denaby bar. And it was a lesson accepted as such by United, for thereafter Rovers had monopoly neither of the ball nor of football skill. Osborne, Lee and McGuinness brought masterly touches to their interception of Doncaster sorties and their support for Boardman and Rowney, Woods and Edwards such that the right wing particularly proved far too big a handful for Doncaster to allow Rovers themselves any scope for constructive manoeuvres.

This sustained pressure on the right, combined with the constant worrying of Edwards and Woods, with those rockets shots of his dead on the mark as ever in spite of the treacherous surface, brought results in the 33rd and 39th minutes.

Allen took the ball beautifully to score the first and me go, and Edwards eluding Jones near the halfway line, seized a difficult chance to make a splendid solo run for the second goal, punting the ball past the advancing Wakeman in spite of the hampering attention of Makepeace and Patterson.

Sustained Punch

Rovers piled everything into attack in the second half and fairly assaulted the Denaby goal in the opening spell, the same story began to unfold, and the punch in United’s attack was sustained to the end.

There were thrills in each goalmouth, Mayhall bring off a spectacular one-handed save from Daly as an highlight of the excitement, though if any Doncaster forward deserved a goal it was Calverley.

Rovers left half, Williams, almost played himself to a stand-up still and there was warm applause as he came off. It was well deserved.

In like manner were Denaby’s two goals and two points. The inclusion of brownie undoubtedly made a difference to the driver of the forward line. He did a grand job, and his partner, Boardman and one of his best games this season. Edwards, still playing under the handicap of an injured hand, had a particularly happy afternoon, and Woods, as ever, continue to create his own particular brand of excitement.

We look forward to those sizzler of his and a Saturday they materialised with rapid frequency. This was a performance of merit against a good team.