Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Frickley 0 – Clever Wing and Sound Defence

September 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 17, 1926

Denaby’s Strong Points.
Clever Wing and Sound Defence.

Denaby 2, Frickley 0

Denaby: Bromage, Taylor, Hunter, Johnson, Ogley, Windle, Lee, Parkinson, Pring, Eggleston, skeels

Frickley: Bromage, Beachill, Slack, lax, Stockdale, Curtis, Jepson, Greatorex, Evans, Tomlinson, Reynolds.

Football at Denaby on Saturday never reached a high standard except for dashes from the Denaby left-wing, the Frickley goal, and the Denaby defence. Skeels, Hunter and Bromage (Frickley) were the outstanding men of the day. Denaby were worth their 2 – 0 win.

Neither of the forward lines played on Saturday is good enough to carry through the Midland league campaign. In a period when the centre forward has come into his own again, it was significant that Pring and Evan were comparatively insignificant performers on Saturday. This was very little of that brisk swinging of the ball from the middle to the wings that keeps a football match moving at a good pace and for this the centre halves as well as other centre forwards were chargeable. If anything the Frickley forward line moved in better formation than Denaby’s, but Denaby were slightly the better finishing. Eggleshaw was the most dangerous of the forwards and Skeels the trickiest. Greatorex took practical view of his new office of captain to devote himself effectively to any signal department of the game. But in defence and attack he was the hardest worker on the field.

The steadiest part of both teams was the Denaby defence. Matt, Taylor and Hunter, with the alert Bromage behind them, are as stiff an obstacle to get over as is likely to be met in the Midland League competition. The Frickley attack is by no means weak, and it was only made to appear so on Saturday they because of the ringcraft and skill of the opposing defence. Denaby may safely devote themselves wholly to turning up the right wing and middle of the attack. That is where the shortcomings were chiefly to be found on Saturday. Frickley need rather more power in the middle. The team is liable to sag a little at times because of the imperfect liaison from rear to front. The attack has potential, but needs more reliable backing, a left-winger is needed.

Denaby had the help of the sun and wind in the first half though the wind hindered as often as it helped – and scored twice. The left wing engineered the first goal and the right wing the second. Skeels worked through and crossed the ball, and Bromwich ran out to get the ball away from Pring, but Eggleshaw nipped on to it and shot it into the empty goal, Pring’s goal was the result of a neat hook, which took Bromage by surprise. He kept a good goal and saved several hot shots, chiefly from Eggleshaw.

Attendance 1500; receipts £22