Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Gainsborough Trinity 1 – Another Success Gained

January 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times  January 14,  1905

Denaby United 2 Gainsborough Trinity Reserves 1

Upon the reconstruction of the Denaby team has followed repeat success, and on Saturday they secured a better position in the League table by victory over Gainsborough Trinity Reserves. At the commencement of the season, when Denaby could do nothing right, the attendance of the public dwindled down to almost a mere handful, whilst the display they gave at that time was of a Morse mediocre description. Then the committee decided upon a very great alteration, how this has been justified can be seen by repeated list of successes gained.

No one can mistake the alteration. For instance, who, at the beginning of the season, with dreams of shifting Nimrod from right half to left outside? Hawkins, who is better known as Len Hawkins, an old Swinton Town player, and who for some time assisted Mexborough West End, and who is now connected with the Army, is home on furlough, and is filling the centre half position for Denaby with very great success. He has considerably strengthened the team, and supporters of the club will be sorry when the time arrives for him to resume his duties

The visitors to Denaby on Saturday were Gainsborough Trinity Reserves, and a good game was anticipated, a fair number of spectators turned up to witness the encounter. The weather was fair, but a cross wind was blowing

The homesters won the toss, and were soon acting on the aggressive, it can’t be enforced, but this proved futile. The subsequent rocket to the guillotine did not improve matters for them, for the home forwards soon got going again, but Chadfield shot over. Still another corner was forced by the home forwards, and being well placed by Nimrod the visitor’s goal experienced a narrow shave, Hall just shooting wide

A burst away by the visitors found Lawley and Welsh press, but Nimrod as usual save the situation when they became too dangerous. Lavery was responsible for a fire run to the other end, but his final effort was weak. Another corner was forced by the homesters, but a good clearance was made by Prescott and Thackery, although defending well, could not cope with the telling attack made by the home forwards

With the United doing all the pressing plenty of work was placed upon the visitor’s defence, who were playing an excellent game. Welsh, being well up the field, just scraped the bar with a beautiful long shop, while for a time the exchanges in front of the visitor’s goal were fast and furious.

Denaby were pressing heavily when the interval arrived without, however, any score being registered

Upon resuming, the home team attack with much spirit, Fisher having to run out and clear hurriedly. From the breakaway Roddis opened the scoring with a low close shot giving Hancock no chance

Even play followed, both sets of backs defending well. Another attack by the home forwards followed and Lavery shooting splendidly equalised, but was ruled offside

neat passing by Nimrod and Lavery saw them get the ball well down into the goal, and the latter centring well across to Lindley, that player passed to Hosey, the centre for screwing the ball through the legs of the backs and equalising

The game began more exciting, both teams striving hard for the victory. The defence of both teams was severely tested, but the homesteaders were very unfortunate, Hosey getting through and netting the ball, being ruled offside

Hall, who had sent in several hotshots, was more fortunate with his next beating Fisher easily. The closing stages of the game are fast and exciting but no further scoring took place.

Team: Hancock, goal; Welsh and Lawley, backs; Chadfield, Hawkins and Arnold, halfbacks; Lindley, Hall, Hosey, Lavery and Nimrod, forwards