Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Grantham 0 – A Different Denaby

November 1945

South Yorkshire Times November 3 1945.

Midland League
A Different Denaby

Denaby United 2, Grantham 0

How different – in performance as well as in composition – was the Denaby United which inflicted defeat on Grantham from the team which struggled to break the ice at the beginning of the season!A goal in each half and a game of fast, clever football found Grantham well and truly beaten in the best match seen at Tickhill Square this season.

The game was four minutes old when Denaby forced a corner taken by Burton, from the right wing. A well-placed centre put the ball among the forwards in the goalmouth. Brannon the ex-Arsenal goalkeeper and Denaby product, went down to retrieve the ball, but failed to gather it, VICKERS, the Denaby centre, netting an easy goal.

Burkinshaw, whose smart tackling, clean kicking and constructive play were a feature of the Denaby second line, headed away a dangerous ball from the home goal sent in by Ranshaw on the left wing. Watson headed over at the other end and Keeling drew applause by turning a hard drive from Sykes, the Grantham leader, round the post. The Grantham leader, round the post. The Grantham wingers, Ashton (former Barnsley stalwart) and Ranshaw showed up well at this stage being well fed by Gregory and Pond, the wing halves.

A re-arrangement of the visitors’ forward line after the interval increased the potential danger of their attack which was, however, spoiled in a number of promising moves by off-sides. Ashton developed as the schemer of the Grantham attack and he, Ranshaw, and Russell harassed the Denaby goal. STRACHAN, the Scots junior, capped a spell of outstanding constructive play and speedy footwork by a picture goal after 80 minutes. Vickers took a centre from Burton, who pushed it across for Strachan 20 yards out to crash home a ground shot that beat Brannan completely. The sting had by this time gone out of the Grantham attack and the tenacity out of their defence, although they played on well to the finish.

Keeling, a Conisbrough soldier recently home from the Middle East, showed up well in his first appearance in the Denaby goal. Burkinshaw was invaluable, and Strachanm Godfrey and Hardy had a good game.