Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Mexborough Town 2 – A Fine Recovery

December 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 29, 1906

Denaby United Nearly Outplayed
Mexborough Town’s Brilliant Burst
A Fine Recovery

Denaby United 2 Mexborough Town 2

Football lovers rolled up to the Denaby enclosure in their thousands on Christmas Day to witness the game upon which so much speculation – and who knows what else? – had been expended, during the first half of the season.

Swarming around the ropes, five or six deep, and boarding the grandstand to such purpose that the substantial erection appeared to be imminently in peril of utter destruction, it was little wonder that the hearts of the management of the Denaby club rejoiced within them as they gaze fondly on the faces of the 5000.

Who so dense but could not interpret the merry twinkle in the eye of the committeeman as he listened to the melodious, never ceasing click click on the turnstiles. And even Denaby’s obvious inferiority in the preliminary stage of the game could not dispel his cheerfulness, for he knew, like the dastardly villain in the fifth rate drama, that the “Time will come, ha! ha! And the time did come, and he and the management was justified in his optimism.

The game opened out to the accompaniment of much excitement, and it was said that the expressions of opinion which fell from the lips of the eager 5000 were more eloquent of loyalty than of any extraordinary degree of sportsmanship.

A Mexborough corner saw the Mexborough men began to swarm round the goal, and in fact, to evince a distinct liking for the companionship of Hancock. Therefore it was not surprising that when play had been in progress 10 minutes and as a result of wonderfully clever bout of passing by Lumb and Hibbitt, Rogers had merely to place the ball in the net. The roar which went up to the heavens had hardly died down to complete silence when it was new and increasing volume as from a lovely centre by Linley, Lumb beat Hancock once more.

Thus at half time the Mexborough men held over their powerful rivals an advantage of two goals, an advantage which they appeared likely to maintain.

The resumption so the game fought out at a very hot pace, falls on the hard ground being very frequent.

The home team gather for a last attempt and having driven the enemy out of its area, began to monopolise the play. Forcing a corner some 15 minutes from time, the Denaby forwards made the most of it, scoring an excellent goal. Again the match was invoked with a spice of interest, and when Lumb out myself only just missed the top corner of the net with a splendid shot there was an universal yellow disappointment.

Then as a shade of even closing, and those present for restraining eyes every movement of the player, the arch of the Denaby supporters were gladdened by the site of capital play, on the left-wing. Heppingstall with a beautiful run, brought the ball well within the Mexborough area. Then he passed the ball to Eyre who banged it in, and pulled the game out of the fire

Thus the apparently impossible had been accomplished and the Denaby men laughed the laugh of men who laugh last.