Denaby Utd – Denaby 2, Stocksbridge Works 1 – Stocksbridge Deserved Point

6 January 1968

South Yorkshire Times January 6, 1968

Stocksbridge Deserved a Point At The Square

Denaby United 2, Stocksbridge Works 1

An own goal in the first half of their match with Denaby United cost Stocks bridge Works a point they so richly deserved in their Yorkshire Leap match at Tickhill Square, Denaby winning 2-1.

Stocksbridge conjured some mighty fine efforts and it seemed a travesty that justice as well as luck was not theirs for just five minutes. The whole course of the game could have been altered in such a short time.

As it was, bowever, Denaby defence was rarely troubled, particularly Wiggles, who yet again was not content with his own work as full-back but took the mantle of an inside-forward with equal success.

The game was exciting without reaching any great heights of football ability and the young Stocksbridge side impressed with their originality

Eustace Catches Eye

Blackburn, one of the best full backs in the Yorkshire League, Birch, a very promising centre-half, and Eustace, cousin of the Wednesday Eustace, who started his career with Stocksbridge, all warranted a special mention, and the youngest, Eustace, might go much further with an easy style which was quietly deceptive.

The forward line lacked that vital punch that Gordon Walker could have added, but he failed to turn up which resulted in last minute changes.

Denaby’s win was their first for six weeks and it was the first real luck they have had during that time. Two points rested on Butcher, racing back to the penalty area to cut out an awkward cross, headed down but his own speed in returning to position made the ball beat Sedgewick for Denaby’s second goal.

Cooper had crashed Denaby’s equaliser on the half hour after Miles had scored by taking advantage of a mishandle by ┬áSmith when he dropped the ball from a centre.

With the regularity of a machine, Whitaker cropped up to create the greatest disruption in the Stocksbridge ranks and, with M. Smith, they set up scoring chances, but the rest of the forward line did not meat up to their performances.

Teams and ratings:

Denaby United: G. Smith 6; Wiggles 8, Caunt 7: Wood 6 , C. Parker 7. Ainscough 6, Cooper 6, M. Smith 7, B. Parker 7, Whitaker 8, Launders 6

Stocksbridge: Sedgewick 7:Blackburn 8. Butcher 7: Miles 7, Birch 8, Evans 7: K Price 6, Armitage 6, A. Price 6. Gott 6, Eustace 7.

Referee: Mr. B. Hale, (South Elmsall).