Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Wednesday Reserve 0 – Denaby Still Unbeaten

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 21, 1905

Midland league.
Denaby Still Unbeaten.

Denaby United 2 Wednesday Reserve 0

The game between Denaby and Wednesday Reserve was productive of football of the vigourous type. The homesteaders right through had slightly the best of their argument, and deserved their win. Heppingtall’s goal was a good one, and Lindley worked hard for his. Arnold and Nimrod both played a sterling game, as did Hancock, who had one of two teasers from their Wednesday forwards.

Wednesday were weak at back, Crapper letting his side down time after time. Reynolds, at outside right, was their best man; in fact, he was the best forward on the field.

There were about 1300 spectators present when Denaby won the toss, and elected to defend the country goal, with the wind behind them. Wednesday pressed at the stage, and had the best of the opening exchanges. When the homesteaders got going, however, they were dangerous, the left wing, labourer and tapping style, with Arnold, putting in some good work. The ball was very lively and some difficulty was experienced on both sides.

Reynolds, with a long shot, gave Hancock a teaser, which he safely negotiated. At the other end Dockery nearly beat Jarvis with a funny shot in the corner. The game was very fast, both ends been visited in turn, but the homesteaders were the more dangerous. Marrison was in a good position for shooting when Welch stepped in and transferred play to the other end.

Where Slavin and the old South Kirkbyite had plenty of work to do and got through it with credit. A free to Denaby in front of goal resulted in Tompkins shooting wide. The Wednesday goal underwent a lucky escape, when Lindley put through the side of the net.

Just after Heppinstall obtained possession, and beating Slavin took a flying shot and opened the score with a shot that completely beat Jarvis.

From the centre kick Reynolds got moving, and force and abortive corner. Just after Hancock made his mark clearance from Hemmingfield. At the other end Tomkins, when in a good position for scoring, was knocked out, and just after was knocked out a second time. With a chance of a lifetime, having beaten both backs, Tomkins shot over. Nothing else of interest took place up to half-time, Denaby finished up with a heavy pressure.

Resuming, Denaby again pressed and Crapper, missed his kick, let the Denaby right in. Heppinstall got possession, but for some reason or other was declared offside. At the other end, Reynolds sent the ball across the goalmouth, Hancock saving smartly. Some clever midfield play ensued, in which Nimrod shone. Two corners felt to Wednesday in quick succession, but nothing came of them. Wednesday kept pressing, and forced two other corners Wednesday fouling in the latter, gave the homesteaders some relief, Lavery with a run all on his own, finished up by shooting just wide. At the other end Hancock’s charge underwent some narrow escape. The pressure was kept up for some time. And it looked as if they would equalise. From a breakaway Lindley beat Crapper all ends up, going on his own from over the halfway line, taking it down, and put on number two, giving Jarvis no chance. Wednesday played up desperately, and tried hard to score, but the Denaby defence was too strong.