Denaby Utd – Denaby 2 Worksop Town 2 – Slackness at Denaby

April 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 14, 1906

Denaby United 2 Worksop Town 2

At Denaby. From a free kick, Lindley opened Denaby’s account. Lees added Denaby’s second goal just on the interval stop

Resuming a preliminarily a rush by Worksop was beaten off. Then Denaby attacked, Scott bringing off a fine save from Heppinstall and Lindley. Scott broke off a remarkable sequence of saves when the Worksop goal looked certain to fall.

The visitors rallied, and breakaway, Copesteak scored a pretty goal, five minutes later Coope snatched up a centre from Hopson and equalised.

Denaby lost Nimrod who left the field injured. Linley then gave away a penalty. Denaby pressed to the finish.


Slackness at Denaby

It becomes every week more apparent that the one thing needful for the good of Denaby is a finish to the football season. Before Christmas the team are not lost a match in the Midland league competition, but now it’s record shows 8 games lost, of 6 drawn against 15 won. There were almost reverse the procedure of last season, when it was after Christmas they “bucked” up and did themselves credit.

Saturday’s match afforded another proof of the “slackness” which has overcome the team. They may be feeling the absence of Lavery from the attack, and undoubtedly they miss Chris Welsh from the defence, but making all allowances for this they failed to win on Saturday on account of lacking the go and spirit which characterise their earlier play, and quite recently won them the Sheffield Challenge Cup. Denaby’s chance of winning the Midland league championship of course was killed by their disastrous experiences in Lincolnshire, but it is nevertheless a pity to spoil what might, after all, have been a really fine record by throwing away points that could be easily earned.

There was no question about Denaby’s superiority in Saturday’s match, but the players gave an “end to the season” display, and were content to all their own, instead of going in for a good big win.