Denaby Utd – Denaby 3  Barnsley Reserve  2 – A Creditable Victory

30 December 1911

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 30th 1911

Denaby United  3  Barnsley Reserve  2

The Denaby United team signalised the first appearance of their captain, Jack Westwood (who has been kept out of the team with an unsound leg) by bringing off a very creditable home victory at the expense of Barnsley Reserve on Saturday.

Though there is still a decided weakness in front of goal, the team is being considerably reorganised, and in the first half of the game gets balance of the forwards showed themselves more adapted to the vigourous methods necessary to Midland League success than have been any combination men previously employed by the club.

The main Barnsley sweat, and, in fact, and they utilised all the opportunities which came their way they would have placed victory well within their grasp at an early stage. All as it was a poor second half, in which they had decidedly the worst of the game, saw them add to their lead, and in the end they ran out winners by three goals to 2.

A Creditable Victory

once more the game was witnessed by a wretched attendance, which is both surprising and discouraging, having regard to the fact that Denaby played a really capital game at Barnsley the week before, and did not really deserve to lose. The team as a whole was well balanced, and Jack Westwood’s appearance at left half had a decidedly strengthening effect. They played with resolute dash, and the forwards were always well up and looking for goals. The backs, though steady, were perhaps the only department in which is change was necessary. Robertson kept a very fine goal, though on the whole he had not so much to do with this second division vis-à-vis Wilcox. Barnsley brought a very strong thing, which included in its forward rank Cornock, Martin and Moore, a formidable trio, who have played in better class of company.

A Good First Half

The first half was decidedly the best, both teams showing excellent advantage with a heavy ball on a wet and treacherous surface. Play was very fast and keen, with both goalkeepers and their respective sets of defences well employed. Denaby started well, but after Robinson brought off a magnificent save from Mitchell he was well beaten by the same player, who headed through from one of Moore’s  lovely centres. The bulk of the danger offered by the Barnsley front rank came from the right wing.

Nearing the interval Buddery, who has the making of a very fine centre for the colliery team, beat Wilcox, and just before the whistle blew gave Denaby the lead.

Weak Finishes

The second half did not match up to expectations. Barnsley were no doubt the superior team, but their finishing efforts were woefully weak, even though their defence gave the Denaby forwards very little chance to shine. It was late in the game when another goal was scored, and then the home centre made up a trio of very valuable points for the colliery side. It came from a breakaway by Mercer, who shot straight at Wilcox who partially cleared and Buddery had no difficulty in giving Denaby an increased lead.

Barnsley tried hard, as indeed they had been doing all the second half but with indifferent success owing to a disappointing weakness in front of goal, but at last Robinson was beaten very cleverly by Cornock with a shot that glanced in off the side post.