Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Chesterfield 1 – Ninth Successive Victory

3 February 1908

Sheffield Independent – Monday 03 February 1908

Ninth Successive Victory

Denaby United 3 Chesterfield 1

A fairly good gate witnessed Denaby obtain their ninth successive victory.  A cross wind made good football difficult, but the colliers early assumed the supremacy, Dyal giving them the lead. The visitors played up well against their superior opponents, for whom Speight, after twenty minutes had gone scored a second goal.

The visitors tried hard reduce the lead, and pegging away persistently Gadsby was successful in getting the ball past Hancock.

Denaby replied, and the visitors had pack their goal in order keep out the home forwards, who were in dashing form. Blackburn sent in lovely centre. Ball missing lovely chance when he had practically an open goal. Speight and Ball severely worried the visitors’ defence but a couple of corners availed them nothing. The homesters were doing much as they liked, but they could cot pet through again.

In a breakaway Taylor shot weakly wide, and at the other end Hopkinson had to save a long shot from Kelley. Up to the interval he had an anxious lime, the Denaby front, rank being very dashing.

Upon the resumption Denaby were the first to attack, Ashmore in the first minute having to clear a centre from Ball. Nimrod stopped Tattersall nicely as the visitors’ left had initiated a nice movement.

The homesters bombarded the visitor’s goal, Blackburn being especially prominent, once a shot on the run nearly beating Hopkinson. The Chesterfield goal experienced a remarkable series of escapes Ball, Dyal, Kelley, and Blackburn all having hard lines.

The game opened out again, and Arnold, the old Denaby half back, was doing good work, though the Chesterfield forwards rarely showed to advantage. Dyal added third goal from comer and towards the dose Gadsby, for the visitors, with only the goalkeeper to beat, missed badly, and time arrived with the result

 Denaby United 3 Goals. Chesterfield Res 1 Goal.