Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Doncaster Rovers 1 – United show 2nd Division Side Way Home

February 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 25, 1905

Denaby United 3 Doncaster Rovers 1

With the Rovers Second Division team having an open day on Saturday, it was anticipated that the team which they would send to Denaby to meet the locals would be, at any rate for Doncaster this season, a fairly strong one.

As a result, there was a capital attendance of spectators when the ball was kicked off. The Rovers brought practically their Second Division League team with them, and a sorry display did they make.

The home eleven, have improved very much since I had the pleasure of witnessing them, and they easily showed the Rovers the way home, and had it not been for Daw who proved himself a splendid custodian, the score registering a win for Denaby would have been a great deal higher.

When the match commence there was a strong wind blowing, and the Rovers, winning the toss, set up a strong pressure with it’s aid. The home defence held out with out Hancock been troubled, and the first time broke away, the Doncaster goal experienced a narrow shave, good passing by Hosey and Lindley seen the latter cross to Laverley who shot in for Butler to head away. The ball went out walking, who drove in a lovely shot, hitting the crossbar with a rare rattle. Again Denaby press, and Laverly, running through the backs, scored with a hard drive, the point, however been disallowed for an infringement.

At the other end a glorious centre from law was not utilised, despite an exciting rally in the home goal. Denaby were playing with surprising –, and twice running the home forwards worked the ball up in the teeth of the gale, on one occasion a grand centre from Lindley Crossing the Doncaster goal threshold at a rare pace.

Rushing down the field, Doncaster looked dangerous, but hides centre yard behind, and again, in the next return, ask and was equally at fault.

Once Hancock fisted out a long shot from Gordon, and next meet the ball was twice sent in to goal, where Hancock brought off a double barrelled save.

After 23 minutes play Denaby took the lead. The homesteaders were disputing the game in the Doncaster territory when the ball was kicked well ahead of the backs. Davies was leisurely dropping back, when the sprightly Laverley raced past him and secured possession. His final shot was a beauty, and Daw only got it partially way, Nimrod scored, the ball hitting the side post and rebounding through.
At the interval Denaby led by one goal to nil.

Upon changing and the answers took up the attack and make things hum around the Doncaster goal. Still keeping up the pressure, the Denaby forwards crowded round the visitors goal, the visitors backs only defending very feebly. Goals were soon on the board, Laverly running down the left wing was partially deprived of the ball by Butler, nearly on the goal-line, but with a quick moment he brought the ball neatly round over Daw’s head into the goal, notching Denaby’s second point. The successful play was loudly applauded for his exceedingly clever bit of work.
Resuming, garden sent the ball well out too high, along with Askham troubled the Denaby defence. Hyde sent in a capital long shot which Hancock only very feebly dealt with and the ball rolling to Gordon’s feet who have nothing to do but through. It was a very soft goal indeed.

For a spell even play ruled, but gradually Denaby again asserted themselves and Daw was compelled to say from Laverley and Hawkins. Repeatedly the visitors backs let in the home forwards, and had it not been for smart work between the sticks goals would have been plentiful. Daw is to be congratulated upon a splendid exhibition. The home forwards put plenty of life into their shots, and Daw’s lot was not exactly a bed of roses for fully three parts of the second half. The Rovers custodian partially cleared a stinging shot from Nimrod and before he could recover himself Hosey had pounced on the ball and put his side further ahead.
The homesteaders were now pressing continuously, and level and put on a further point, which was nullified by offside. Hawkins directly afterwards also put in a long shot which caused awesome difficulty to manage to get it away safely.
The remainder of the game was uninteresting.
Team: Hancock, goal; Welsh and Lawley, backs; Torr, Hawkins and Arnold, halfbacks; Lindley, Nimrod, , Hosey, Laverley and Walton, forwards