Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Gainsborough 5 – Denaby Fade against Gainsborough

April 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 12, 1935

Down Again
Denaby Fade against Gainsborough

Denaby 3, Gainsborough 5

April squalls accounted for a scrappy display at Tickhill square yesterday, though it is doubtful whether, under normal conditions, the result would have been reserved.
Gainsborough were not seen to advantage until the second half. Only one of Denaby goals resulted from brilliancy, that of Smith’s after seven minutes and though they put on three in the first half it was a virtue of assistance from the wind, and chance! Smith weaved his way through a group of Gainsborough defenders to score.

Denaby’s two goals lead within eight minutes was a surprise. Lowe, who scored again later, bagged the first after four minutes. Immediately from the kick-off he and Smith featured in a clever movement on the right, from which Smith began his remarkable solo run. The third goal came within a minute of half time. If Denaby deserved to score this half it was in the last 20 minutes. They were persistently in the Gainsborough’s goal, and it was only good work by the goalkeeper, Mobss, and the backs, Robb and Brattely, that they did so little damage. Both teams skied the ball on too many occasions for any good constructive football. The result was a ping-pong of shots from one end to the other. Denaby missed a number of chances from good movements by bad positioning.

After six minutes in the second half Munson scored for Gainsborough and a few moments later Purcell added a second. Just as Denaby had pressed during the latter part of the first half, so Gainsborough hemmed in the Denaby defence for the whole of this half. On probably three occasions Denaby got away, but their shots never were near enough to be dangerous. Munson was not long in equalising from Gainsborough, and Begg, who proved an enterprising centre forward, scored the fourth goal, and Heath (right half).the fifth.

Both goalkeepers gave excellent performances under great difficulties. Headland, who came in at centre forward for Denaby, played well, and the whole forward line came up to scratch with the left more energetic.

For their home fixture with Grimsby town reserves tomorrow, Denaby are hoping to field a new centre forward and outside right, while Hemingway comes in at centre half in place of Hinsley, who is still on the injured list.
The team is:
Calladine, Clerk, Taylor;Boot, Hemmingway, F Smith; ____ Lowe, ____ Mcphail, Cross
Kick Off 3-15.