Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Gainsborough Trinity Res 0- Denaby Going Strong

October 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 6, 1906

Denaby Going Strong
Gainsborough Severely Thrashed

Denaby United 3 Gainsborough Trinity Reserves 0

They are still smiling at Denaby, and are going on their way rejoicing, happy in the knowledge that they have retained their unique certificate longer than their near and dear rivals of Mexborough Town; the dark cloud of defeat may be hovering over the Denaby  fellows, but for the present they are content to bask in the sunshine of success.

Twas so on Saturday, when they, before an average attendance, welcomed their visitors, Gainsborough Trinity Reserves, with much warmth, that the Lincoln men were compelled in return to give away three clear goals, so making the long journey nothing.

By winning Denaby have now taken three points out of the Trinitarian’s.

Both teams were practically at full strength. Donald Lees once again occupying the centre half position.

The opening was sensational, and eminently of the right sort from the spectator’s point of view. Exactly 2 minutes from the start Hunter scored for Denaby, following on a preliminary drive from Westwood, which saw troubled Hall that he could only push the ball away a few yards.

Hall, it will be remembered, gave a marvellous goalkeeping display on the same ground last season, and to having been thus early created exceeding delight in the Denaby camp.

After 20 minutes play was only too plainly evident that the game was not going to be nearly so brilliant as that of the preceding week. The reason was not far to seek. Trinity can compare with Bradford, and could never pull out Denaby’s best efforts.

There’s nothing like well matched teams to ensure good football. All, or nearly all, the finer points of the game, were served up by Denaby, howbeit Trinity occasionally displayed good form.

Still that to wait 25 minutes before the second goal came, and a beauty it was too, Lees fairly making Hall blink as the ball kissed the rigging.

The home halfbacks continue to have the Trinity forwards on toast, though once Booker rounded Welsh, to that worthy’s surprise, and caused Lawley to give away a corner in a tremendous hurry.

This flag kick, like several won by the Denaby’s front rank came to nothing, and the variety was lent to the gaiety of the moment by a fine bit of dribbling and Nimrod, who is this year is full of boundless energy as ever.

Brockhurst was always fast and dangerous when in possession of the ball, and of the other clever forwards, Harrop was continually trying to get through.

Half-time: Denaby 2 Gainsborough 0

Restarting, Harrop charged down a kick by Prescott, and Hall had to spring out to avert disaster.

Trinity now showed improved form, but could make no impression on the strong defence.

Air at outside left, started a series of lovely individual runs, in which he was well fed by Harrop. The outside wing are both shot and centred well.

Watkinson, the home centre forward, tried hard to get a goal, and once, when fairly well placed, he most unselfishly turned the ball over to Hunter, who sent wide.

At one. The Trinity goal appear to bear a charmed life, shots raining in on Hall, oh, was Prescott, the right full-back, repeatedly for the old forwards.

50 minutes from the resumption air was going for goal in full cry when Prescott illegitimately grassed inside the penalty area.

The referee granted a penalty, with which Lawley scored Denaby’s third and last goal.

A few minutes later Lees banged a shot at Hall, but the tall Trinity custodian was equal to this and many other ripping shops.

Any Trinity attack Hancock once cleverly bounce the ball away.

Denaby did all the attacking but Hall was not to be beaten again.

Team: Hancock; Welsh, Lawley; Nimrod, Lees, Westwood; Brockhurst, Hunter, Hopkinson, Harrop and Eyre