Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Goole Town 1 – F.A.Cup – Denaby Carry On

November 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 18, 1935

Third Preliminary Round

Denaby Carry On
Goole Rally Nipped in the Bud
Triumph of Method

Denaby United 3 Goole Town 1

Tickhill Square held its largest gate this season for the Goole Cup tie on Saturday.

The game was fought at a terrific pace. Only during the first eight minutes of the second half did it slacken and then a goal by Hutt, cancelling Denaby’s lead, changed the game once again into an hectic race for goals.

Denaby one, not so much on account of their superior stamina, but as a result of more deliberate and polished tactics. Until the last few minutes of the game Goole were hesitant before goal. Their shooting lacked sting, and on the rare occasion when Picken was called upon to deal with a shot it more or less “dropped” into his arms. Leek and Clark, too, gave little quarter.

Hutts goal – an early thrill for the second half – was a bolt from the blue, and the shop – which bounced over the goal-line, over Picken he dived – was something of a freak. The Goole forwards themselves seem surprised at it. Firmly score which gave Denaby a half-time lead, was the result of a splendid individual effort, the shop giving Collins little chance. Hewitt’s “double” in the second half was also a spurt of brilliance.

Midgley and Sanderson had great difficulty in dealing with the Denaby forwards during the second half. First half rush tactics seem to have taken much of their sparkle, and whereas Denaby shared the exchanges in the earlier phases of the game, there were almost constantly in the Goole half after the resumption.

Winning the toss, Denaby set Goole to face a strong sun, and there were early thrills when Atherton and Wherritt hit the Denaby bar. For the most part the game during the first half was one of fierce exchanges, the ball going from end-to-end in rapid moves. Twice Barks and Guest were within an ace of scoring, and three successive thrills found Collins full-length with the ball perilously near the line. In a subsequent attack Guest shot across the goalmouth with the crowd on their toes, and a few seconds later hit the upright with a fast shot.

Fearnley give Denaby the lead after 28 minutes, working in from the right to beat Collins with a shot that never left the ground. Goole must have equalised this half had they not marred their moves by weak finishing – not that leek and Clark give any quarter but opportunity presented themselves which were allowed to slip away.

Hutt equalised after eight minutes in the second. The pace had eased up when this surprise cropped up. The ball beat Picken on the bounce otherwise he would have had little difficulty in saving.

10 minutes later Hewitt put Denaby ahead again, and further delighted the crowd with a second goal after 35 minutes. This third goal brought the Goole resistance. Goole were a disheartened team, and Denaby had little difficulty in keeping them out.

This was only Goole’s second defeat this season. The gate realised £61.