Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Grantham 0 – Dogged does it

March 1935

South Yorkshire Times March 1, 1935

Dogged does it
Grantham guile un-rewarded
Denaby 3 – Grantham 1

This game at Tickhill Square looked inevitably like ending in a win for Grantham for 60 of the 90 minutes. It is no hyperbole to say that Grantham “ran rings round” Denaby in the first half, but with typical grimness and tenacity the Yorkshire lads hung onto their clever opponents and in the end their determination was well rewarded.

Grantham wasted no time in settling down, and the Denaby goal should have fallen in the first minute. Quinn, a thorn in the flesh of thie Denaby left flank throughout the game, whipped the ball across and though Dulson could not quite get to it, Pringle had the easiest of tasks to tap it into yawning goal. Instead of trying to breast the ball through he tried to hook it and missed it altogether a mortifying failure.

Had this chance been taken Denaby might well have suffered a heavy defeat, for a couple of minutes later Quinn pounced on the ball near the edge of the penalty area and let fly with such vigour and rapidity that Taylor was well beaten.

Dazzling Attack.
Matt Taylor and Clark ran miles in their undiminishing efforts to hold the dazzling Grantham attack. The ball was sent from man to man with unerring precision and disconcerting speed, and it was by desperate methods alone that Denaby were able to keep the score down. As it was, the narrowest of misses by Quinn, Dulson and Chamberlain assisted in this fortunate survival.
The home attack did little or nothing to relieve the strain thrown on the defence, McPhail being the only forward to contribute any movements of note. He put several deft passes down the middle, but Billy Smith was a long way out in his efforts to turn them to account, and often failed to gather the ball properly.

The terrific speed with which Grantham had carried out their manoeuvres in the first half seem to tell on them somewhat after the interval, and although facing the slope Denaby attacked eagerly, though there was more enthusiasm than method about their advances and some shaky work by Willbourn, the former Mexborough player, eventually let in Robinson, but the winger miskicked and the ball travelled across the front of the goal to Lowe, who promptly banged it through. Walker, who throughout distinguish himself by his coolness and the excellence of his judgement had no chance with the shot.

Denaby’s Turn
This goal took some of the snap out of Grantham, and Matt Taylor, Clark and Hinsley began to get firmer grip on forwards, while the Denaby attack, with McPhail its inspiration, found renewed confidence. It was fittingly a member of the defence who put the side on the winning path however.

Swaby fowled Billy Smith a few yards outside the penalty area, and Hinsley, taking the kick, smashed the ball past a barrier of players to score a goal worthy of Houghton. It was a grand effort by a great hearted player, and it virtually settled the issue.

Paddy Lowe got another goal for Denaby while Willbourn was off injured, but the game was as good as over by then.

It would be unfair to deny Denaby the fruits of their pluck and tenacity, but such delightful football Grantham did play that it seemed a pity they should go unrewarded. Their forwards gave the best display of rapid combined football on the ground this season, but all the more credit is due to Denaby’s defence on this account.

Stocks and Quinn were easily the best wing on the field but the line was exceptionally well balanced, and with a little more luck they have won the game on its own.

The defence was not so convincing, though Walker and Wilson and Gregory did very well. Taylor acquitted himself well in the Denaby goal and to Matt Taylor, Clark and Hinsley go the rest of the honours with McPhail head and shoulders above the rest of the forwards.