Denaby Utd – Denaby 3, Lincoln C. Res. 0 – Smith’s Goal Lends Zest

January 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, January 1st 1937

At Last.
Smith’s Goal Lends Zest.
Denaby Pull Out.

Denaby 3, Lincoln C. Res. 0

This game at Tickhill Square on Boxing Day developed into a real dog fight after a 52nd minute goal by J. T. Smith. Generally, it had been very scrappy, and what scoring potentialities there were usually belonged to Lincoln. They were always the more convincing marksmen, and although they got within striking distance only on rare occasions, their work always possessed power and sting. One hard drive by Dransfield would most certainly have registered had it been a little more goalmouth like a meteor.

Little Brilliance.

There was little to be enthusiastic about in the first half. Denaby were continually pace-making, but they gave little indication that they were to break the unhappy sequence of defeats. The Denaby marksmen of the second half were ‘new’ men altogether. SMITH’S opening goal (the roars of applause for which must have been heard a mile away) was a brilliant piece of work, the ball being taken downfield in – clever, individual effort and sent on its way speeding past Bland, in the Lincoln goal, like a rocket. It was a glorious goal. The second, which came some nine minutes later, followed a number of enthusiastic and hard-working thrusts down the centre of the field, BETTS snatching an opportunity to head in from a good centre. SMITH got the third goal.

Lincoln Impressive.

Lincoln always looked like scoring. The curious thing was that they never accomplished it. Once they appealed when the ball rebounded along the line, but play was waved on. The first half, at any rate, was real ‘Boxing Day football.’ Passes went astray, and individualism was always apt to mar otherwise good moves by both elevens. Denaby’s persistency allied with good co-operation between halves and forwards, won them the day. It was a pleasant victory. In view of the fact that approximately half the season has gone and also that Denaby had not won a game since October.

Tremain’s Joy Day.

The holiday programme seems to have hit the high spots for goalkeepers, and it was no exception at Denaby. Tremain had one of his very attractive ‘on’ days, and gave a magnificent display. The halves, Grange, Swift and Parry, got with good results, and the forwards, although shooting very feebly in the first half, were generally snappy in the later stages of the game. Funny what a goal can do! Or could it have been a change of luck induced by the new shirts, generously given by the Supporters’ Club?