Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Mexborough 1- Marksman out of luck

December 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 27, 1935

Mexborough Marksman out of luck

Denaby United 3 Mexborough 1

Thrills, spills and mud! Many Christmas tides past the Denaby – Mexborough tussle has proved not such an exciting game as that on Wednesday. Until the last few minutes it was one long hectic scramble for goals; it must have been tantalising to the Hamden Road supporters to see their forwards weaving together so cleverly only to tail off into a disappointing mix up in front of the Denaby goal. They sorely missed Ferguson and Coleman. Happs too was off – another serious depletion – but generally speaking they played a grand game. Had they fused a little of that midfield superiority into their finishing – but that was the old story of the game. There were moments when goal seems certainties – then, by some fluke or other, the ball was cleared.

It was unfortunate that Roberts should put through his own goal to give Denaby such an early lead. For the next half hour when Guest scored a great goal for Denaby, the pace never lagged. Considering the wretched condition of the ground it was a magnificent game and from the general run of things Mexborough certainly did not deserve a two-goal reverse.

Guest’s goal was a lovely example of opportunism. The ball was snapped into the uncovered half of the net before Tremain, harassed on the right, had time to get over. It was a forerunner to a number of hot attack combos goes before the interval. The last kick of the first should see the golfer Mexborough. It would be difficult to say how many times the ball shot over or round the bar.

Orphan Goal

it was after 17 minutes in the second half that Smith got Mexborough’s first and only goal. It was a good one, and fused them with a greater vim than ever.

Then Walker notched another for Denaby.

The excitement of this half was a never ending chain. Lawson played a great game and Tremain excited the crowd through almost the whole of the game with his brilliant work in the Mexborough goal.

Ensuring the Denaby goal, and a comparatively easy day – but what work he had to do he did well. It will be difference in rout a special merit among the Denaby forwards. They worked splendidly, and, in most cases, found little difficulty with the Mexborough halves. They, too, had spots of bad luck, but in most cases they made good use of opportunities. Their polish of good work was good shooting, and generally were the better team, whilst Mexborough, perhaps worth looking. But the reach was well earned. The mudlark’s were a sideline. They must have been these “football pools” we hear about.