Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Notts County Reserve 1 – Denaby Trounce Notts County Reserve

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 30, 1905

Denaby Trounce Notts County Reserve

Denaby United 3  Notts County Reserve 1

Denaby maintained their unbeaten record in the Midland League on Saturday by defeating Notts County reserve in no uncertain manner stop throughout the game there was only one team in it, and that was not the County Reserve.

The first half saw the homesters take the measure of their opponents, and in the second completely overpowering them. For the lightness their defeat the County have to thank their defence Ironmonger in goal, Rudd at right back, and Wainwright of the halfbacks were the shining lights.

Of the homesters the front rank was a most prominent; they gave the visiting defence a warm time, and Doherty has a way, when he gets anywhere near goal, of shooting without hesitation. Some of his shots gave Ironmonger some little considering to perform, and two in particular, in the second half, were splendidly saved, at the expense of corners.


The pressure on the visitors goal was now so heavy that illegitimate methods were used by them to keep Denaby from scoring, with the result that a penalty was awarded the homesters, Lawley doing the needful.

This walk notes up, and after Denaby up force and abortive corner, they did some pressing, in which Poppit and Harrison were prominent. The latter getting possession of a faulty clearance by Hancock, netted and equalise matters. From the kick-off Denaby once more assume the aggressive and Lavery forced a corner. The wall was netted in the scrimmage, but was disallowed for offside

Half-Time: Denaby 1 Notts 1

On resuming the homesters, with the wind behind them at once make things hot for the Notts. Lindley shot over, and just later Tomkins hit the crossbar with a shot that had some sting in it. When Wright, with the right wing.the play to the other end but only for a short time, for Heppinstall and Lavery brought it back in fine style, completely playing, with Ollewell and Rudd.

Laverly finish some splendid work with an equally splendid shot, which beat Ironmonger all ends up. In doing so he was knocked out, but resumed play in a short time. Play was now most one-sided, and it was a wonder that a big score was not run up. Doherty at last after several ineffectual attempts, put Denaby three up.


Team: Hancock; Welsh, Lawley; Nimrod, Hawkins, Arnold; Lindley, Tomkins, Doherty, Laverly, Heppinstall