Denaby Utd – Denaby 3 Retford 0 – Second Half Goal Sets Game Alight

October 1965

South Yorkshire Times October 2, 1965

Second Half Goal Sets Game Alight

Denaby United 3 Retford Town 0

For 55 minutes this match was, to say the least, unspectacular. Sloppy defence and unimaginative attacks from both sides produced a dull, goalless, first half… Then Bingo! After 10 minutes of the second half, Denaby centre forward McKay, making his first appearance in the Yorkshire League side this season, set a drab game alight and gave Denaby the impetus they needed to settle the issue.

Two minutes later a handling offence gave Denaby a penalty. Sedgwick saved in great self can’t but had no chance with Kelly’s 75th minute goal and never saw a brilliant shot from inside left Caunt after 77 minutes.

Although he was three times beaten, Sedgwick and his opposite number, Denaby’s Collingwood were the men of the match.

The Retford keeper was really on his toes to stifle any possible danger and make up for the shortcomings of a very second-rate Retford team.

At the other in Collingwood was rarely troubled, but he probably saved the match for Denaby, punching Butler’s 20th minute shot over the bar and pushing the ensuing corner clear.

It is tempting to say that it was more by luck than good management that Denaby got that first vital goal. Nevertheless they deserved it for their never say die spirit and for the quick thinking of Williams, lobbed the ball to Mackay over the Retford defence.


One goal up, Denaby now had everything to fight for and after a generally unhappy afternoon, outside left Toyne 40s way down the wing, slipped the ball to Smith lift it neatly to Kelly in the centre. With Sedgwick flat-out, Denaby were 2-0 up.

Kelly had worked hard in that unfamiliar, right-wing birds and had he come off the pitch after that goal you would already have earned his place. But he went on to distinguish himself with a glorious centre from the right 30 minutes from time, when Caunt blasted home with split second timing.

Team: Collingwood 9; Whant 7, Cox 7; Collins 7, Dalton 7, Williams 7; Kelly 8, Smith 7, Mackay 7 Caunt 7, Toyne 7